On Learning New Things and Learning Always

Kuya is now in big school.  He is wonderfully enjoying every moment but he hates when school is out and yaya is not there to fetch him. He will cry AS IN. We have to teach David that waiting time is playing time or that he can go to the library or the mini-garden. We have to always tell him that yaya and the driver are on their way. Traffic is bad but they will be on their way. But still he cries. I hope this is just a phase. I was already doing 2nd trips in grade school because I loved hanging out with friends (tambay lang) so I pray this is just a phase and David won’t feel that no one is coming to get him.  But aside from that, he loves to go to school and he already has a best friend, Tikboy. When we ask him how his day went, he would always say “I love school”. We are so happy with David’s school and teachers too.  We know that he’s in good hands and I work harder everyday because knowing Kuya is happy in his school and where he is now really inspires me.

David First Day June 2014- watermark

Noah has just started with speech therapy. As much as his developmental pedia told us that he doesn’t really need it yet. We went on and signed Noah up for sessions at ALRES. He’s been progressing so well with his therapies that we want Noah to have more while he can. He goes to therapy now everyday attending speech, occupational and physical therapy sessions. Noah has become more “talkative” now, using sounds more than gestures to express what he needs. He’s already learned to make sounds when he wants to be read to or he wants to play. His speech goals now are not for talking yet, it’s for strengthening his oral muscles. I’m not going to bore you with specifics but it’s just amazing how there are tools nowadays to assist kids who have special needs. And I am in awe of the teachers who are so dedicated to their craft and who genuinely love the kids they teach. Just like with David, I work harder knowing that all the stress I experience at my dayjob is going to him and his kuya’s future.

David and Teacher R July 2014

When I step back, I look at the steps my kids take and I know that it leads them to different paths. David will have more or less the same experience I did growing up (hopefully even better and more fun).  Noah’s is unfamiliar and I learn with him and for him. I have always talked about our new normal and yes this is part of it but sometimes I feel like I’m looking at a map and I’m not familiar with the territory just yet. I still feel lost sometimes.  I see Noah working hard to try to take his first independent steps and so am I. We’re both wobbly and we’re still trying to look for support whenever we get knocked down.

Sometimes I look at other kids and at their parents and I wonder if they’re feeling the way I do and if they have the same worries. I always think that sometimes I am not strong enough for the life that I have been dealt with but there are days when I think that I can’t be living any other life than I have.

But we forge on and as my kids reach their milestones, I’m praying that I am able to reach my own milestones as well. David and Noah teach me so much about motherhood and about myself. When they grow, I grow  (and vice-versa). The road is long and far and there are a lot of lessons that still need to be learned. Nothing in my previous educational experiences have ever prepared me for motherhood. Or if there were, I wasn’t listening (daldal ko kasi e haha)

It is challenging for the most part. (Is there someone who just breezed through motherhood? I would like to get names, numbers and contact info because I need tips!!!). Sometimes I rise to the challenge and sometimes it takes a while for me to really figure out what I need to do. I think I am close to realizing that maybe there are just some things that I am not meant to understand too.  That life’s mysteries are sometimes wrapped in two payatot little boys.  Sometimes, when I feel stumped like a kid staring at his first pop quiz, I look at my two little boys and just think “Wow, I can’t believe I’m their mom!” And most of the time, that IS the answer.


David and Noah house June 2014

Also.. oh my god ang laki na nila!!

How about you? How’s motherhood so far?

Quick Reviews: 5 New Items for your Shopping List

You know you’re a mom when a trip to the grocery is one of the highlights of the week. I love doing the groceries, it’s a form of retail therapy but in this case everybody in the house is happy hehe :D

Here are 5 things that I’ve tried, tested and tasted :D If you see them in the grocery aisle or freezer, why don’t you give these guys a second look? I also have a short list of pros and cons per item too so I  hope it helps :)

1) Myra Vita Glow BB Cream – Php 99.00

Pros: Very budget friendly, so trying it out would not be painful on the pocket hehe. The size is also small enough for a regular sized make-up kit as it won’t take up too much space. It comes in two shades, Ivory and Beige.

myra vitaglow BB cream

Cons: I’m not a fan of the shimmer. I assume it’s what gives the skin its illusion of glow though. Coverage is okay, it didn’t completely cover up all my facial chuvaness but I was ok with it.  However I noticed that my skin got oily soon after :( I really like my BB cream to be matte and to provide even coverage throughout the day. So I gave my tubes to friends who were fans of the Myra tinted moisturizer. This is not for me but it is worth a try if you’re looking for a drugstore brand BB cream. If your skin loved Myra’s tinted moisturizer then this will not disappoint!

2) Amala Natural Detergent – P232.00/1Kg

Pros: All natural and free from phosphates, petroleum solvents, chlorine, perfumes, dyes, animal by-products, which are common triggers for respiratory and skin irritations.  It also free from optical brighteners. Another plus: it smells reaaaally good! I was able to talk to Jeryl, the marketing person behind this product and he says that Amala uses the same process as seventh generation


Cons: It’s a bit pricey considering there are other natural laundry detergents. Also you have to tell (and assure) your yaya that even if the wash will not have as much bubbles as common detergents it is still doing its job. The common thinking is if the wash is not bubbly then it’s not working and so yaya will keep adding powder to the wash. For me the good thing is that the kids’ clothes come back smelling clean not because of any artificial fragrances, they just smell freshly washed :)
3) Fisher Farms’s Marinated Steak. Milkfish Loins with  Barbecue sauce – Php 257.00

Pros: It’s a big bangus in a box with yummy barbecue sauce. The bangus we had was pleasantly plump and meaty. The barbecue sauce was perfectly seasoned but I recommend that you serve it on the side. Our manang drenched the bangus with the sauce, which is ok but I imagined it would have been better if we used the barbecue as a dipping sauce instead. This is great for Friday family dinner nights or Sunday lunch :)

fisher frams bangus barbecue

i posted the dish on instagram and it looked like we murdered the fish hahaha :D see what i mean about using the barbecue sauce on the side? nangigil si manang so the fish was swimming in barbecue, buti na lang masarap haha :D



Cons: The price could set you back but it’s a good dish to have on a Friday family night or Sunday lunch.


4) Nestle Kimy and Nestle Temptation Dutch Speculoos

As if you need more reasons to buy ice cream!  The Kimy is for the kids, and the Speculoos is for you and the hubby! Sharing is optional hehehe

nestle kimy

“Mama look my tongue turned to jelly!!”


The Speculoos is sweet but not cloying and it has chunks of cookies that make each bite really pleasurable! Another flavor to try from this line is the French Salted Caramel :) Don’t blame me if you find yourself getting more scoops of ice cream for dessert ha! Hehe :D




5) Top Torikatsu  – One pack contains 6 pcs of breaded chicken fillet – Php179

I’ve always thought of Top Torikatsu as grown-up chicken nuggets. Bounty Fresh calls it quick gourmet, I just call it yummy!  The breaded chicken fillet has two flavors, Classic and Cheese & Chives.

Pros: Easy on the budget, it’s easy to cook (3 minutes tops) and really yummy. My favorite is the Cheese and Chives. It goes really well with pasta or just with plain rice. They just released a new flavor, Tomato. I found it while shopping at Shopwise last week :)

top torikatsu flavors, price and review

pics from the web

Cons: I really couldn’t think of any. Serious. Masarap sya talaga. It’s a good safe food to have in your freezer when you’re too tired to cook. I loved it best when we had leftover spaghetti and I was alone at the house for lunch. A quick fry of the Top Torikatsu Cheese and Chives made lunch not so lonely hehe :D It turned out really good!


forgot to take a pic so isa na lang natira when i remembered :P


I hope one of these things find their way into your grocery cart this weekend! Happy shopping and hooray for new finds!


I have been following #GlendaPH on twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the past few days. Our office has been sending out regular weather alerts and have issued notices that staff can go home early.

Sa totoo lang, nakakatuwa how everyone is taking typhoon preps seriously. At the same time, worry-wart me is stressed big time. I pray that those now affected are safe and recovery is swift.

As with most of us, we all have shared #GlendaPH info over our accounts and so I’m sharing what I found super useful here.

Deped Guidelines on Automatic Suspension of Classes

What to Pack in a Go-Bag


Emergency Hotlines


Health Tips from the World Health Organization


Stay safe, stay informed and remember to charge all your gadgets including flashlights! Ilabas na ang mga kandila at posporo. Of course let’s all pray for good weather to come soon!

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Say whut?! You know how I feel about the movie right? Good thing Oreo saved our movie night. Oreo is a staple in our grocery list and is a reliable pick-me-up for the kids during snack time. If you're just like me and you buy Oreos weekly then you're in luck because they're sending a lucky family to Universal Studios Hollywood when you play the Oreo Transformers Lab Grab Game To play the game you only need to buy specially packed Oreos that contain free stickers. At the back of … [Continue reading]