DepEd Announces School Holidays for 2015

Yahoo! Ang saya maging bata :P DepEd has just announced the schedule of regular holidays, special non-working holidays and special holidays for all school years for the year 2015. The announcement follows the release of Presidential Proclamtion No. 831. I posted the list of 2015 National Holidays here.

There is still no date for Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha :)

When’s the next Travel Expo again?? Heeheee! Happy planning!!

2015 Philippine School Holidays

Monday Musings: Yes

I have a few personal philosophies on how I kind of run my life. As much as I would like to say that I research everything before coming to a decision it’s usually just a series of leaps of faith for me. Tina Fey said it best:

tina fey quote

Because a stern  “No” just shuts off opportunities, events, friendships, learning experiences right away.  As an example, I never really planned on — I just found writing online to be cathartic. The community that I have found myself in because I said Yes to sharing a piece of myself online is amazing to say the least. The friends that I have made along the way are gifts of the journey. The true lesson really lies in the discovery of things. Only having a vague idea of what my path is exciting and frightening at the same time. And I apply this to my being a mom of David and Noah. I don’t know what lies ahead and the path I tread on is much more different because Noah has special needs. But I choose to say YES. Yes is a frightening word at times because it opens me up to the possible hurt and the exposure of vulnerabilities that are unknown to me yet. But I forge on. I move on. I say YES.

So far. So good. (I hope I don’t jinx it!)

How about you? What’s your idea on “Yes?”

Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales

It’s amazing how Disney tales have remained so timeless and that their stories have always been wonderful bonding moments for families. The first time I took David to his first Disney Live concert I watched his eyes grow wide in wonder and amazement when Mickey and his friends all stepped out.

Look at David, all still cute and chubby then. (Teka naiiyak ako….)


Kuya enjoyed his first concert where he was officially inducted into the church of Mickey! I was just a happy mom because seeing him ooohing and aahing as his favorite Disney characters dance and have fun onstage is an experience I will never ever forget.

Now Disney Live is back again with an amazing show that I know you guys will LOOOOVE because 3 classic fairytales that we all have grown up with will be shown on stage on Sept. 10-14 at the SM Arena!

Disney Live Classic Fairytales

Check out a preview of the show with the video below:

Excited?? :D  Beast and Maleficent look awesome!

Disney Live Classic Fairytales Collage

BDO Cardholders can enjoy special rates when they buy tickets over at

disney live classic fairytales ticket prices

Don’t miss this guys! We have watched a couple of Disney Live shows and they have always been such fun events. Everyone in our family really enjoyed the shows and I’m sure you will too :)  To see more info on the show please visit the official website here:


Disney Live is co-produced by Limitless Ventures a premier, multi-production comapny that aims to produce world class events, develop meaningful market solutions and drive social entrepreneurship. Visit their website at



For the Dads…

baby sleep position with dada 2

We have a small bed in our bedroom that's shared by me, Dan and the two kids. The two boys love snuggling up to Dan during nighttime which means that Dan sleeps on only a fourth of our bed. He wakes up with back pains and he sometimes complains but he does it with a smile. The two boys love piling up on him too. The two bugoys love roughhousing with their dada that's for sure. Pero ang pinakamalikot matulog ay si Noah. Oh lord, this boy has fallen off our bed 5 times already. 5 FREAKING HEART … [Continue reading]

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Philippine Star’s PageSuite App

Philstar Pagesuite app 3

Are you a newshound? If you are and staying on top of current events is important to you, then read on because I discovered a new app that's just perfect for mobile moms like us! Being in the know is important most especially nowadays since both my boys are out every day for school. I need to have ready access to weather announcements as well as information on news that will affect the safety of the city we’re in (the MRT accidents and really awful traffic have made me stay at home with the … [Continue reading]