Friday Fun Find: Pampers Baby Dry :)

When David was still a baby, we tried a lot of different diaper brands to check which ones would give him the best protection, keep his skin soft and free from rashes without compromising our grocery budget. We tried the more expensive brands but it just was not economical, we tried budget brands but the nappies were just too thick and David was uncomfortable. The best brand we tried was Pampers, the cost per use and the protection it gave David was just right for our growing boy. So, with Noah, we didn’t try any other brands. We went straight to Pampers.

Noah uses Pampers Active Dry now. He goes through 3 to 4 nappy changes a day. He doesn’t need his nappies changed overnight but he gets as soon as he gets up. We thought we would be staying with this until Noah gets potty trained but lo and behold…

Pampers now has Pampers Baby Dry!  It’s the newest variant of Pampers Disposable Diapers which was launchedlast week along with the introduction of their newest ambassador and mommy Andi Manzano :D

Here’s Andi testing Pampers Baby Dry by pouring 250 ml of water into the nappy. Halos ubos na and everything was absorbed by Pampers Baby Dry!

pampers baby dry andi manazano

Ha! I did my own test too to see if this holds water (hehe pardon the pun). Pampers gave me a couple of samples of Pampers Baby Dry and a kit to do the test.

And it’s REAL! After my home test, Pampers Baby Dry really stayed dry and the teddy bear’s bum did not get wet. So imagine that on your baby’s bum overnight. It can only mean uninterrupted sleep which makes for a fully rested and happy baby.

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Oreo Playdate: A Day at the Sta Elena Fun Farm Fun with David and Noah

One of my most favorite things to do now since Noah has gotten bigger is packing up our little brood to go on adventures. Noah just recently started walking (a few weeks before his second birthday) and it’s just so much fun seeing him explore, play and take in his surroundings. Also, having him walk on uneven surfaces like grass and gravel improves his core strength and balance, so yay to Noah for sneaking in some therapy too! haha!

So last Feb 25, we packed up our day bags and hied off to Sta. Elena’s Fun Farm for an Oreo playdate with good friends.

Sta Elena Fun Farm Review17

Oreo sponsored the day and the theme was #PlaywithOreo. And play we definitely did!!

Sta Elena Fun Farm Review50

The Fun Farm is located in the Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate in Laguna, which is just right off the Cabuyao exit of SLEX. The trip can take you 1 to 2 hours depending on traffice (we came from QC) so pack snacks and drinks for you and your family. Also, you need to bring your own food to the Fun Farm as they don’t have concessionaires and a canteen. So the Fun Farm also spells  P-I-C-N-I-C!

The Fun Farm is really worth the trip. There is not much you can do here in Manila that doesn’t involve a mall so the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena provides a wonderful alternative plus the kids get to breathe fresh air, run around in wide, open, green spaces and get to meet and interact with Chocnut the Carabao, the farm’s horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens, and goats. There’s also a Sand House, petting zoos, obstacle courses, a play ground and a kiddie zip line that is super safe and manned by three helpful kuyas :) One other great thing about this place is that the staff is very helpful and polite. They handle the animals well and are always ready to assist the kids who can’t get enough of the farm animals. The Fun Farm is also well maintained, there are washrooms with clean, running water!

Here’s David and Noah on top of Chocnut. Chocnut’s caretaker commands him in English. O diba?! Haha!


Sta Elena Fun Farm Review5

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Noah and the Gang

For World Down Syndrome Day, SM Cares and a group of super active and involved parents in DSAPI (shout out to Betty Sy and Suzanna Yuzon!) were able to gather the kids and young adults with Down syndrome to shoot videos that SM Cares has shown over their LED Billboards last Saturday.

I was so happy that David and Noah made it to the shoot and to be part of the advocacy. The goal really is for our kids to be seen, to be acknowledged and to be included. What we want our society to realize is that our children are more alike than different.

world down syndrome day

I would love for you to meet some of the teens and young adults in our group.

Here’s John Diaz, who was a server at Pancake House.

Nicey Ignacio is just like any teenager who goes to school and loves pope music

Meet Noah and his friends, Rylee, Marcus, Joey, Russell. Reading them a story is their Ate Kayla.

I shared Ryan’s video here.

This project would not have been made possible if not for our fellow parents in DSAPI who work hard to bring awareness of Down Syndrome in our communities.  This is part of Noah’s gift and his magic extra chromosome. Betty, Suzy, Mish, Agnes, Rq and the rest of the wonderful moms of DSAPI are all such wonderful blessings to our family. They inspire me to be stronger and to work harder for Noah and I am thankful for their willing ears and hearts that understand.

I am blessed to be part of “The Lucky Few” and to you my dear reader,  thank you so much for allowing me to share our journey in this blog and for celebrating our little Noah’s extra chromosome :)

To The Doctors Who Will Deliver the Down Syndrome Diagnosis

early intervention seminar dsapi_7

Every quarter, the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines hosts an Early Intervention Seminar for new (and some veteran) parents of children with Down syndrome. Dan and I went on Nov. 11 and we were welcomed, congratulated, listened to and were inspired by the families of DSAPI. We made friends and we found a new community. We try to make time for the EIS when we can because it's our of way of paying the good deed forward. We were blessed by the community and it is our turn to reach and … [Continue reading]

Updated: Valle Verde 5 Rates for New Social Hall

valle verde 5 new social hall

I once posted about Valle Verde V's social hall because it was the venue we rented for the reception of Noah's baptism. Valle Verde V has recently constructed a new building and the second floor is their newest social hall that they rent out for parties and functions. I've been taking David to Ready, Steady, Go Kids in that area and so I was able to check out the new, really nice venue. I've been getting a lot of questions about Valle Verde V so I went to the admin to also ask about their new … [Continue reading]