Friday LSS: Colbie Caillat – Try

Have you heard this song? Have you seen the video? Ang galing :) It’s beautiful and absolutely empowering.

This is the anti-photoshop song and video! It also reminds me of the Dove commercials featuring real women. I love those commercials. It reminds me that our ordinary selves are just fine. Kailangan lang ng mas magandang shampoo (nyek!) hehehe

Happy Friday!

(lyrics to the song are after the cut)

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Il Ponticello is Back!

I started working here in Makati soon after graduation in 1999. I was a research analyst in a local bank’s investment unit. I reported to 6 bosses then and became very good friends with one of them. Too bad that the rest stressed me out haha! Post-office hours, I would sometimes go out for a few drinks at a nearby establishment called “OBEERTIME” (yes such klaaaaz) to unwind before I go home but when I had enough money left over from pay day I head on over to Il Ponticello for a proper night out with my friends. The place was still new then and it instantly became a party place. I remember the cocktail tables, booze and people trying to talk over the loud music. I also remember eating very good pasta there — athough I don’t know how I actually ate it because it was so dark and loud (aaah youth! haha)

Fast forward to today and Il Ponti has rightly earned its place as an institution in Makati. It has also now evolved and grown up along with its clientele who have moved on from nightly gimmicks and parties to quiet dinners and good cocktails. I for one, do not have the energy to go out drinking until the wee hours of the morning on a week night. Me and my friends would just have dinner which always ends at 10pm so that we can all rush home to our kids.

The new Il Ponti has a relaxed, modern feel complete with warm tones and comfy chairs (yes no more cocktail tables). I tried out the New Il Ponti with the SoMoms when we had our despedida for Jenny R. It was a perfect reason to have a night out with good friends,good food and funny chika :)

(note: I forgot to bring my camera and my pics came out all blurry from the low light so the next food pics are a mix of IG posts from me and the gals plus official pics from Il Ponti)

I started the night with the refreshing Ponti Spritz (Php 300/glass) . It’s a drink made from Aperol, an Italian aperitif and soda water. It’s bubbly and fruity with just the right amount of zing. 

il ponticello ponti spritz

The next on my must-order list is the Porchetta.  The pork is succulent, savory, soft and juicy. It’s served with a side of greens, arugula and gravy. It’s also VERY filling so one order is good for sharing!

il ponticello porchetta

If you’re a pasta fiend like me, then you must order the Vongole (Php 360).  It’s such a wonderful classic pasta dish and Il Ponti does it in bianco with linguini, clams, white wine, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes.

il ponticello vongole

photo by conci @blairbitchbunny

Dessert lovers should not miss the Cheesecake Panna Cotta (Php 290). It’s vanilla panna cotta with cheesecake crumble and caramel sauce. The panna cotta is smooth and silky and the cheesecake crumble adds a nice salty contrast and texture. Scoop up just a bit of the caramel sauce in your dessert spoon along with the panna cotta and cheesecake crumble to fully enjoy the dessert.

il ponticello cheescake panna cotta

photo by il ponticello

If you’re up for a nanay night out, consider Il Ponticello. It’s still at the Antel 200 Building. By the time dinner is over, the traffic has subsided and you’ll be in a better stress-free mood I promise :) I went home pleasantly buzzed that night.

Thank you Jenny for inviting us to Il Ponti. Sabi ko sayo, there are no goodbyes in social media hehehe :D

il ponticello somoms

nanay night out approved! (thanks to @ocmominmanila for the photo!)

Il Ponticello
2/F Antel 2000 Building, 121 Valero St. Salcedo Village , Makati City
553 9971; 0949 760 8731
Business Hours: Open from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Monday to Friday), 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. (Monday to Thursday), 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. (Friday and Saturday)

DepEd Announces School Holidays for 2015

Yahoo! Ang saya maging bata :P DepEd has just announced the schedule of regular holidays, special non-working holidays and special holidays for all school years for the year 2015. The announcement follows the release of Presidential Proclamtion No. 831. I posted the list of 2015 National Holidays here.

There is still no date for Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha :)

When’s the next Travel Expo again?? Heeheee! Happy planning!!

2015 Philippine School Holidays

Monday Musings: Yes

tina fey quote

I have a few personal philosophies on how I kind of run my life. As much as I would like to say that I research everything before coming to a decision it's usually just a series of leaps of faith for me. Tina Fey said it best: Because a stern  "No" just shuts off opportunities, events, friendships, learning experiences right away.  As an example, I never really planned on -- I just found writing online to be cathartic. The community that I have found myself in because I … [Continue reading]

Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales

Disney Live Classic Fairytales

It's amazing how Disney tales have remained so timeless and that their stories have always been wonderful bonding moments for families. The first time I took David to his first Disney Live concert I watched his eyes grow wide in wonder and amazement when Mickey and his friends all stepped out. Look at David, all still cute and chubby then. (Teka naiiyak ako....) Kuya enjoyed his first concert where he was officially inducted into the church of Mickey! I was just a happy mom because … [Continue reading]