Hello Me, How Are You?

I have just gotten home and I am filled with this urge to share you something that I have learned about this weekend. The thing is I really don’t know how to share it but I will try because I want you all to realize that there is a way out of the haze, there is a way out of muddled decision making, there is a way to face your fears head on and to embrace them and that there is a way to be better with how we live our lives.

I attended the Discover Your CORE program of The One Core this weekend. What the program teaches you is how to find clarity through all the noise inside you and outside you in order to come to inner peace and most importantly, inner freedom. I was with a group of good friends who I have had shared so many challenging moments already. They know me well but we are still discovering each other and in the process growing into ourselves all together.

Discover Your Core Weekend

bonding to the max with kris, jenny, jackie, fleuar (pic from eli)

We shared freely our aches and pains but Coach Pia was there to reign us in and to provide us with a framework in order for us to process our pain and to look at them as opportunities for growth.

I’ll try to explain briefly what we were taught. I hope that I do justice to the lessons!!!

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Fun Find for the Kids: Euky Bearub Review!

euky bearub review

The weather is just plain crazy. One day it’s raining (and raining hard pa with feelings) and the next you have the sun beating down on you like it’s summer. We all know what comes with our unpredictable weather — a lot of kids with awful coughs and colds.

Enter Euky Bearub, a chest rub imported from Australia. You really can’t get any more Aussie with the cute Koala in the tube :)

So here’s a rundown of what I think about this pretty potent chest rub:

  • The Eucalyptus and menthol smell is really strong — which to me is a positive because it really relieves breathing and is great for decongestion.
  • You only need a small amount to make the rub work. It’s adult strength so kids need only a teeny tiny piece of the rub. As in really really small amount lang because the rub spreads very easily.  See the amount in the pic below? That’s just about the right size for David (who’s 5). I use an even smaller amount for Noah, who just turned 2.

euky bearub review 2

  • Since you only need a small amount, matipid sya gamitin! I can imagine the tube lasting at least a year in our household. If I feel a head cold coming on, I rub a small amount on my chest. This tube really is meant to be used by the whole family. The formulation is also great for sensitive skin. None of us developed any redness or rashes after a few days of using the rub. Of course, as with any thing topically applied to the skin, it’s always best to do a spot test.

euky bearub review 3

Euky Bearub contains eucalyptus oil, eucalyptol, menthol, camphor and rosemary oil.  I wrote about the possible side effects of camphor here  so it is VERY important to use Euky Bearub as directed and to use only a small amount at a time.  Remember to also keep the tube in a safe place away from the kids to avoid accidental ingestion. Some moms whose kids are G6PD deficient have asked me if the rub is ok and in  my opinion, that since this contains menthol that its best to consult their doctors first.

All in all, Euky Bearub is a great cold and cough fighting tool to have in your first aid kit. The Eucalyptus and menthol smells really spell relief :)

Euky Bearub is available at Cudsly.com and Babyland stores for only Php489.75 (50 grams). Like the Euky Bearub facebook page here or bookmark their website here to get more info on Euky Bearub and other items.

Staycation Hits: Acacia Hotel Manila

acaci acacia hotel junior suite carpet

We are staycation virgins. Really. I know that families now are so used to booking short stays at hotels for quick, peaceful retreats but Team Santos has not gone on one! I was actually planning on booking a hotel at Ortigas for Noah's 2nd birthday but we all celebrated his big day somewhere else ;) So it was perfect timing when I got an invite to spend a weekend at Acacia Hotel. It was just what we needed - a welcome break from our routine at a hotel that some of our friends have already … [Continue reading]

A Monday Morning Pick Me Up :)

I remember hearing this song for the first time. I was asleep and my dad was driving and we were both on our way home. I was snoozing after a long and stressful day and then this song came on. I woke up and instantly fell in love with it and a part of it's chorus became my mantra -- "I won't worry my life away" To this day, I still hum a few bars when life just doesn't work out and everything is being thrown my way. I hum and I inhale peace and exhale stress (well at least I try to). This … [Continue reading]