Shopping Alert: Project Mom Favorite Finds Fair

Mom’s Day is just a few weeks away. Do you have a wishlist for this day? Ako I want to wake up late, spend the day with the kids and at night I hope I can go on a date with Dan. In between, sana pag may budget, I can go on shopping for a few treats for myself and the family :)

I attended the Project Mom Favorite Finds, Fair and Exhibit media launch last Saturday and I was really impressed with the line-up of events Glorietta has planned for us moms. I have to credit Project Mom’s Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde for hosting a series of events that are perfect for us moms! These events all revolve around Bianca and Amanda’s (naks feeling close haha) book, Project Mom,which is their comprehensive guide to motherhood.


The book also includes a directory of their favorite items and we will all get to see their handpicked finds at the Project Mom Exhibit which will be from April 17-May 10 at the Glorietta 1 mall.


This Friday, the Favorite Finds Fair will also open where us moms can shop for our own treats or build up our own wishlists for mother’s day :) Some of my favorite brands will be at the fair including Istorya, V&M Naturals, Manuka Health, The Little Harvard School and a lot more. Each weekend will feature different concessionaires, which means more choices for us!!

Also, 100 lucky moms will be part of a huge Mothers Day Event whereby Amanda and Bianca will give out their favorite items along  with Php10,000 worth of goodies and surprises! Parang Oprah’s My Favorite Things lang!!

The mechanics are really easy ;)

1)  Take a photo of you and your mom at the photo op area or at the #ProjectMomFair or at the #ProjectMomExhibit, and post it on Instagram, tag and follow @iloveayalamalls @iloveglorietta @_projectmom @gamechangerph @manilamommy and hashtag it with #ProjectMomGlorietta

2) Shop at least Php2,000 worth of goodies from Glorietta merchants or merchants from the Favorite Finds Fair (receipts should be dates between April 11 to May 3).

 I will pick one (1) lucky mom to be part of the Project Mom event on May 10. Winners will be drawn on May 3 and will be contacted via Instagram. Winner should also present accumulated receipts (dated April 11 to May 3) from Glorietta  merchants or merchants from Favorite Finds Fair amounting to Php 2,000. Receipts must be shown together with a valid ID on event day, May 10 at the registration.

So many treats!! Advanced Happy Mother’s Day!!

Accepting applicants for our upcoming Favorite Finds Fair! If you have unique and thoughtful products for MOMS, family and homes, you are perfect fit for this fair. Email or call/sms 09175274806 from Mondays thru Fridays, 9am to 6pm. See you soon! Venue Partners: @iloveglorietta @iloveayalamalls | Co-produced by: @olxph @avidalandph @MetrobankCard | Event by: @gamechangerph

Posted by Project MOM Book on Saturday, 11 April 2015

Our Stories

Well, well, well April!! Look at what you have brought to the special needs community!! Not one but two features in major magazines about Down Syndrome and a special pullout pa from Smart Parenting

I was ecstatic when I found out that Rylee, Noah’s classmate was in a photo shoot for a special feature in Smart Parenting magazine. I asked my friend, Rylee’s mom to tag me when the issue is out. I thought it would be an article in the magazine either about Down syndrome or special needs.

I wasn’t expecting THIS!  A special pull out with Rylee as the adorable cover girl.  It was a hefty pull out too and it featured different kids with different challenges and their own stories. It was a great feature and I was so happy that Smart Parenting actually did this issue.   Stories of kids like Noah come few and far between so when mainstream media picks up our stories, it connects our family with rest of the community is sharing. Our stories become yours too and as we read what you are sharing, you also find out more about us.

Ang cute lang din ni Rylee. She’s a living doll and she loves siopao haha :D

The March-April issue of Baby Magazine  also has a spread on World Down Syndrome Day.


I wrote the story and I was so happy that it got printed. I was actually tasked to write something else but I mustered enough guts to pitch to Ana, one of the editors, if I could write about WDSD instead. There was a concern that the article might be too serious and I assured her that it won’t. It will not be  a doom and gloom article because in reality, our lives are not at all that way. And that’s what I wanted to share, that a diagnosis of Down syndrome is not the end. It is a new beginning. It is the start of a new brave adventure.


This article is a small contribution in  was doing my part in raising awareness. The veteran families of DSAPI and other families who have older children with intellectual and developmental disabilities have paved the way for us younger families.

My wish really is to share our stories. I do it here at the blog and  I share it as well in my IG account.

But if you are a parent of a child with special needs and you want your story heard, email me at manilamommy(at) and I will feature your story here. Pwede Tagalog, pwede English, pwede Taglish.  Only if you want to share of course :)

How to Watch the Pacquiao- Mayweather Fight On Your Mobile!

Meron bang Pinoy who’s not a fan of Pacquiao? A Pacquiao fight always whips the country into a frenzy but nothing could beat the excitement when on February 21, the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was officially announced. Dan is planning a get together with cousins and friends to watch the fight in Pay Per View together. Pinoy na pinoy lang ang gathering, dapat may pagkain, may inuman tapos kinabukasan….sick leave lahat :P

And Pinoys being such super active social media users have been trending #SugodManny for a few days now.  If you look through the hashtag, you will all see people sharing their knockout moves in support of Manny Pacquiao!

This is me and David and our knockout move is the…..SONIC BOOOM! haha :D  (I had to explain to David what a Sonic Boom is, generation gap!)

Smart Communications (a sponsor of this blog!) has also released exclusive materials that show how BIG this fight is going to be for all Filipinos. Nakakakilig diba?

If you want to watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather app on your mobile you’re in luck! Smart, Sun and Talk ‘N Text subscribers can view the fight through the Viewstream app  LIVE and commercial-free for only P499 (this price is for a limited time only) Included in the P499 package is the chance to watch exclusive training footage shot in the US and videos of previous fights on Viewstream.  Boxing exclusives at your fingertips! Ikaw na ang sikat!

Smart Viewstream 499

But for me ito ang favorite kong promo, Manny Pacquiao stickers!! haha! You can get free stickers by texting MANNY to 2600. These stickers are available for Viber, Line and WeChat. Sana meron din si Aling Dionisia :P


 If you want to get exclusive videos and updates on Pacquiao and the upcoming fight, check out Smart’s channels. I’m a member of the Smart Public Viber Chat where Smart peeps share exclusive photos and content.

Instagram: @SmartCares
Viber Public Chat:

#SUGODMANNY!!!!!! Good luck!!!

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