Monday Musings

How are you guys? Anong balita? :) We went on a weekend tip to Nuvali and stayed at Seda Nuvali. I will be posting about our stay soon. I have a few posts sitting in my drafts folder too that need to see the light of the day before the madness of the Holidays rushes through.

Also the holidays and the impending end of the year make me a bit reflective and a bit contemplative. I have always wondered where I will be in the next 5 years and where the blog will be and which direction will it take. I have always considered this space to be my journal and also as a resource be it applying for an SSS ID or buying a cake for my kid’s birthday party. It’s also a journal of the friends that I have made and the relationships that I have forged along the way. The blogging world has been tremendous in connecting me to amazing women and it has also made me realize how much precious my space is most especially when I receive earnest emails from new parents who have been blessed with a babe with special needs.

But I realize that because blogging has gotten to be so popular, there is a lot of us writing out there already. There is just a lot of noise being put out there. I am part of the noise for sure but what makes me want to keep writing is knowing that my noise has become your noise too. And because of that, thank you for coming back to this page to read up on my family and on my (mis)adventures. Thank you for choosing to bookmark this blog and to comment. Thank you for the encouragement, for joining my giveaways and for connecting with me.

I am still thinking and contemplating but I know I will continue to write in some shape or form. Thank you again for sitting by me all throughout the years ;)


cs lewis


Patty B

patty balquiedra


I remember the first time I “saw” Patty. I was googling reviews for Louis Phillip Kee because I was looking for a new salon to try a short hairstyle that I wanted for myself. I came to a blog and the writer was Patty AND she had the hair I wanted. It was short, clean and stylish. I loved her review because it was honest but it packed a lot of info, including the salon’s contact details.

I never went to to Louis Phillip Kee’s salon but I kept coming back to Patty’s blog.

I remember the first time I “talked” to Patty. I was watching Pororo and Friends and for the life of me I could not figure out what was going on with Pororo and his gang so I tweeted, “Pororo and friends, are you all on drugs?” Patty answered back with something like “Yes they all seem high!!” and I was so surprised. I checked her profile, and it was the blogger I followed. I followed her back and tagged each other in online conversations.

I remember the first time I met Patty. It was a SoMoms event and I finally got to meet her! She was part of the second batch of moms but you’d never know it. There were no awkward introductions and she felt right at home with the group. We went together to events and talked so much more in our Facebook group. I told her how much she inspired me for facing the monster that is cancer with such grace, humor and yes, style. She wrote about her battle separately in her blog but then linked it up to her main blog because she had so much more to talk about outside of Cancer. Patty even opened up an online shoe store “YellowBird” while she was in recovery.  She kept a consulting business on the side too. Her relationship with her daughters is extraordinary. She celebrated her oldest’s debut and cheered her on during the finals of the dance competition. She doted on her youngest daughter who is just as wacky and witty as she is.

There was still so much to do. There was still so much life to live.

I am not ready to bid you farewell, Patty. The news that woke me up this morning is so hazy. I cannot believe how soon it is. I am not ready yet.

But I know you are, dearest Patty. You are a woman clothed in grace. Your fears are so small compared to your faith.

I can only wish to be half the woman you are Patty. Idol kita! You are a woman of strength, substance, style and sensibility. I will miss your stories and your funny zingers. I will miss just being around you. I will miss you. I miss you.

patty balquiedra 2

I can’t bring myself to bid you goodbye yet. It’s just too definite. It’s just too soon.

I know you will be around. I will always remember you when I hear Bruno Mars’ Treasure or Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. They are your songs. I will imagine your dance steps and know that in that moment everything was alright. And whenever I make lamutak Noah, I will make extra lamutak for you. Pati extra singhot because you loved doing that to Noah.

Oh Patty :( I can’t believe it.

But I hope you know that you have always been loved by us and by my family. We will always pray for you. Please pray for us too when you’re not too busy living it up with your dad in Heaven.

Thank you for being who you are Patty. I love you so much.

Fun Find: Pull Apart Cakes from Swell Sweets!

Swell Sweets Pull Apart Cake Review Manilamommy

I follow a few bakers on Instagram whom I have already ordered cakes and goodies from. One of those who I follow is Gel Colet who owns Swell Sweets. I am a big fan of her veeeery awesome Calamansi pie and brownies. Last Halloween I ordered Halloween-themed sugar cookies for her for the annual DSAPI Halloween party and Gel graciously gave three boxes of brownies pa for the party!

Gel is a talented baker and I love that she has a variety of goodies in her shop. She not only does wonderful fondant cakes but she also has other creations that would make birthday and other special occasions even more fun.

Enter the pull apart cake! I saw it on Gel’s feed and I was just so taken by the concept. It’s a cake that you literally pull apart and eat. It’s actually a group of cupcakes either shaped into a special character or made into a box (much like a sheet cake) and decorated with icing and other edible decor.

Gel has made several of these cakes and they are just adorable!

A photo posted by Swell Sweets (@swellsweets) on

A photo posted by Swell Sweets (@swellsweets) on


A photo posted by Swell Sweets (@swellsweets) on

For David’s birthday celebration at his school, I figured that the pull apart cakes would be perfect for the kiddos and it won’t be a hassle to bring  since it just like a huge ake. It’s also a great alternative to individual cupcakes.

I ordered a 16 piece Spider-Man pull apart cake for David and gave Gel pegs for possible designs. We just texted each other and she sent me the invoice when we both agreed on a design and flavor. I chose chocolate cupcakes for the birthday boy.

The day came and I got the cake as promised and it was so cute! Spidey was front and center as promised!

Swell Sweets Spiderman Pull Apart Cake


The cake was not heavy and it was packed tight so the cupcakes wouldn’t move around the box. There was a black ribbon around the cake which served to bind the whole thing.  Also, look at that icing *drool*


Spiderman Pull Apart Cake

We delivered the cake along with home cooked spaghetti which we packed in individual cardboard spaghetti boxes (found in your suking tindahan) so that we won’t have to worry about paper plates. We also brought utensils and orange juice in foil packs.

When I took out of the cake for David’s candle blowing, the kids were amazed not only because of Spidey but they got so excited when I told them that they could take the cake apart! They couldn’t wait! Di pa nag-b-blow si David may ibang kumukupit na ng cupcake hahaha


Kuya at School

So after David blew his candle, the kids took the task to heart and was so happy “destroying” the cake and getting their own piece to munch on. I brought bags to put the cupcakes in when they couldn’t finish it but some kids asked for seconds.  Some even asked for extra cupcakes pa for their siblings (it was so sweet when David’s classmate asked me if she could get a cupcake for her own Kuya who has a sweet tooth!)

Clean-up was super easy, I just took the box out with the remaining cupcakes and we shared with the school’s security guards.

Spiderman Pull Apart Cake Swell Sweets

This was definitely a great cake to bring to a school celebration and I was happy I chanced upon it in Swell Sweets. It’s easy and practical and most importantly DELICIOUS!

Swell Sweet’s Pull Apart Cakes come in the following sizes and prices:

9 pieces –  Php 1,000
16 pieces – Php 1,800
25 pieces – Php 3,000

You can arrange for pick up but if you want the cake delivered here are the rates:

QC – Php 500
Pasig – Php 600
Mandaluyong – Php 700
Taguig – Php 700
Makati – Php 700
Alabang/Paranaque – Php 700

To contact Swell Sweets:

sms/whatsapp/viber       09175367827
instagram                        @swellsweets

3 Reasons to Book Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

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Our Halloween this year was spent with good friends from the blogging community as part of Oreo’s Trip or Treat event. Dan and I filed our vacation leaves, Noah skipped his therapy for the day and David was absent from school and we all hied off to Tagaytay for a fun day (and night) at Hotel Kimberly.  I only heard about the hotel from friends who all gave us positive feedback. They were also telling us about the petting farm, which I really didn't think much of.  When we finally got to Tagaytay … [Continue reading]

Hold On to Your Christmas Bonus!! The iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 is Coming!


Guys, nagamit nyo na bonus nyo? I haven't yet pero malapit ko na syang magastos because I just ordered the  iPhone 6  (I can't wait to get it because my iPhone 4 is close to quitting on me) BUUUT Smart Bro just announced the availability of iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2. There is no exact date on the launch but what is sure is that Smart will carry both iPads! Soooo decisions decisions! Here's a the iPad Air 2   And here's the iPad Mini 3 You can now register for the iPad … [Continue reading]