Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales

It’s amazing how Disney tales have remained so timeless and that their stories have always been wonderful bonding moments for families. The first time I took David to his first Disney Live concert I watched his eyes grow wide in wonder and amazement when Mickey and his friends all stepped out.

Look at David, all still cute and chubby then. (Teka naiiyak ako….)


Kuya enjoyed his first concert where he was officially inducted into the church of Mickey! I was just a happy mom because seeing him ooohing and aahing as his favorite Disney characters dance and have fun onstage is an experience I will never ever forget.

Now Disney Live is back again with an amazing show that I know you guys will LOOOOVE because 3 classic fairytales that we all have grown up with will be shown on stage on Sept. 10-14 at the SM Arena!

Disney Live Classic Fairytales

Check out a preview of the show with the video below:

Excited?? :D  Beast and Maleficent look awesome!

Disney Live Classic Fairytales Collage

BDO Cardholders can enjoy special rates when they buy tickets over at www.smtickets.com

disney live classic fairytales ticket prices

Don’t miss this guys! We have watched a couple of Disney Live shows and they have always been such fun events. Everyone in our family really enjoyed the shows and I’m sure you will too :)  To see more info on the show please visit the official website here: http://www.disneylive-asia.com/three-classic-fairy-tales/about.html


Disney Live is co-produced by Limitless Ventures a premier, multi-production comapny that aims to produce world class events, develop meaningful market solutions and drive social entrepreneurship. Visit their website at www.limitlessventures.org



For the Dads…

We have a small bed in our bedroom that’s shared by me, Dan and the two kids. The two boys love snuggling up to Dan during nighttime which means that Dan sleeps on only a fourth of our bed. He wakes up with back pains and he sometimes complains but he does it with a smile. The two boys love piling up on him too. The two bugoys love roughhousing with their dada that’s for sure.

Pero ang pinakamalikot matulog ay si Noah. Oh lord, this boy has fallen off our bed 5 times already. 5 FREAKING HEART ATTACK MOMENTS. I have placed him back on his crib at night na lang just so he’d be safe. The thing is this little dude needs someone to snuggle up with so I’ve been stuffing his crib with pillows. It worked last night. I’m hoping for more peaceful nights ahead for myself and Dan.

So, when I saw this picture over at Pinterest, I laughed out loud. Kasi naman totoong-totoo. Go ahead and share this with your partners/ hubbies who have spent many nights being assaulted by their little lovies. Nakakatawa na nakakaiyak diba?

baby sleep position with dada 3


Here’s one more:


baby sleep position with dada


And I found the perfect picture of Noah’s favorite sleeping position

baby sleep position with dada 2

Noah’s recent fall was in this position. Gumulong sya ng gumulong hanggang sa nahulog sya. I jumped out of the bed screaming OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!! Dan picked up Noah who was crying and rocked him back to sleep. Thank God for calm husbands. I couldn’t sleep after and I cried when I woke up the next morning because hello….katabi ko anak ko nahulog pa rin. So back to the crib for our little bugoy.

Any first time dads reading this? Sorry na lang ha! Hahaha.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Philippine Star’s PageSuite App

Are you a newshound? If you are and staying on top of current events is important to you, then read on because I discovered a new app that’s just perfect for mobile moms like us!

Being in the know is important most especially nowadays since both my boys are out every day for school. I need to have ready access to weather announcements as well as information on news that will affect the safety of the city we’re in (the MRT accidents and really awful traffic have made me stay at home with the kids na lang recently). I have a couple of news apps in my phone already but when I found out about the Philippine Star PageSuite App, I still downloaded it. I read both the online and offline versions of Philippine Star. The website is bookmarked in my browser as one of the websites I frequently visit. So this handy app I figured is one more way for me to be  mom who’s “in the know” and be among the first to share to my friends and family what’s going on in the city!

One thing I noticed right away is that this app is an upgrade from the current Philippine Star app that I have. The PageSuite app is “feed-driven” so multiple editions of the paper are made available to the subscriber each day. This means updates are done in real time so we all get the freshest news and content right on the app that is really reader-friendly and easy to navigate. The app is available for the iPhone and iPad

To give a you a preview of the app, here are some screenshots I grabbed from iTunes:


Philstar Pagesuite app

Once you download the app, the editions are saved in your phone’s “Newsstand”.

Philstar Pagesuite app 3

Subscription is required to access ALL sections of The Philippine Star: News, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc. Subscription rates come in 7 day, one month, 3 month and 6 month terms. The app comes with a 14 day trial enabling readers to access the Digital Edition and live feed content.PDF versions of the current and previous editions of the paper are also available to subscribers.


Philstar Pagesuite app 2

Check out the app yourself via itunes click here: https://itunes.apple.com/qa/app/the-philippine-star/id490078018?mt=8) and get the latest news when you want it where you want it!

*This post is sponsored by Nuffnang*

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