2016 Philippine Holidays!!!

Woohooo!! The official list of holidays for 2016 was released by Malacanang yesterday via Proclamation 1105

If you’re like me the first thing I look for are the long weekends (diba para sulit ang leave?!) and for 2016 we have 5!

    January 1 – 3
    February 6 – 8
    August 27 – 29
    October 29 – November 1
    December 30, 2016 – January 2, 2017

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2016 National Philippine Holidays

The dates for Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha holidays will be announced soon.  You know I said last time that I want to go to Bohol and we haven’t yet. Maybe 2016 is the year?!

Disney Live! Now at Kia Theater

Hello Mommies and Daddies :)  I have good news for y’all!

First, Disney Live! is back. We love Disney shows and David loved Disney Live when he first saw it. Every year I wait for the announcement when it can come back  because I really want to take Noah to see it.  Well Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival will have a special run from September 1 to 6 at the new Kia Theater (formerly the New Frontier Theater). The new theater has a 2,835 seating capacity and is equipped with the latest audio, visual and lighting technology.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is all about Mickey Mouse and his band of friends, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck & Goofy performing in a music mash-up of mega proportions. Families will hear their favorite Disney hits remixed to rock, pop, reggae, hip hop, jazz and country!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can see at the show:


Aaaand I am giving away two tickets to the September 5 show!! Follow me on Instagram to know more about the mechanics!!


Tickets to the show are now available www.ticknet.com.ph :)

Weekends are meant for…

How was the first long weekend of August for ya? QC peeps actually were lucky because the 19th was also a holiday. If I worked in QC I would have taken Thursday off too and made it into a 5-day weekend.

I’m actually on leave now pero sick leave *blech* I’ve been rained on last week while waiting for my Uber. I didn’t think much of it, I’m not sickly but I guess early days of prepping David for school and just spending the entire day stressed finally took a toll on me. I probably need to take a daily multi-vitamin again or really enroll at a gym to get my strength back. Promise talaga…sa sweldo I will look into the Planaforma studio that just opened near our office. (Look lang ha hehehe)

So I am making the most of this day by taking a look back at all the fun stuff we did.  It was a really rainy and dreary weekend but we got the most out of it. But weekends are always for

School Work!!

I went to work last Friday but went home at 2pm when the weather turned for the worst. Good thing I got an Uber right away. When I got home, Kuya and I talked and agreed to do his assignments on a Friday so he’d have the whole weekend free. David has been adjusting well to his new school. He still gripes about the early morning and the traffic….well don’t we all? Hehehe

Doctors Visits

First, I took Noah to have his teeth cleaned and have vitamins applied to his teeth. We go to Children’s Dental Center and our pedia dentist is Dra. Carmela Pedroso. Noah is such a good patient. He’s been around so many doctors that he just knows what to do. He’d be scared at first always but he would always do what needs to be done. Afterwards he’d be back to his normal self, smiling, making beautiful eyes and waving to all the medical staff. This kid talaga :)
 Our dentist has handled patients with Down Syndrome before but Noah is her youngest. Based on her assessment Noah actually has to have several procedures done to him :( His teeth are in such a bad state that he has to have several teeth extracted and have some of his molars crowned. Dra is also a surgeon so she would also be able to remove the fleshy growth under Noah’s mouth.  The total bill is huge but we are willing to pay rather than risk infection for Noah. We need to take Noah to his pedia and clear the procedure. It’s such a huge medical step for us and I feel a huge pit in my stomach everytime I think about it.

To moms who’ve had their kids undergo major dental procedures, do you have any tips for us?

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Win Your Baby’s First Php 1 Million with Pampers

pampers first million poster

If there's one thing I wanted to have done sooner, it's investing. I've written about about Financial Quotient and Money Memory before. Rose Fausto's talk really made me more determined to be much wiser with how I handle with my money. It's still hard to get the discipline, I am still prone to impulsive shopping trips (ang dami kasing sale naman!!) I always remember now though that the money I save now and use wisely will really pay us back in the long run. And now, Pampers has an ongoing … [Continue reading]

Sweet Dreams with Elica, My Skin Saver!

Elica Sweet Dreams 2

My atopic dermatitis (one type of eczema) has been crazy lately. The sudden changes in the weather (summer hot in the morning and then hello bagyo in the afternoon?!) means flare-ups that really make my dermatitis act up. This means the the back of my right thigh become unbearably itchy and I get really red and raised leathery bumps. My skin also gets so dry. Dan has seen my eczema at its worst and he has felt really sorry seeing me in such discomfort.  I've gotten wounds from non-stop … [Continue reading]