A Happy Weekend Project: Check Out FirstBook.Ph

Mike Yost, an American photographer, wrote an article that became viral a few months back. It stuck with me because I realized how much truth there is when he said:

“The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years!”  You can read the whole post here but in a nutshell it speaks of our obsession to keep recording and posting pics of our kids and our memories all over the internet, our pcs and our phones. But technology is changing at such a fast pace that the DVDs and phones where we keep our memories will all be obsolete and lost and yes gone.

Tsk. Totoo diba? David and Noah’s firsts are all stored in a DVD. I have 10,200 pics in my camera roll in my phone and it seems that these memories are no longer safe anymore. My laptop doesn’t have a CD drive anymore (I have to use an external DVD reader na) and we all know how fast the iPhone gets old 😛

So, I did what my parents did when I was growing up, I printed photos and ordered an album of “Team Santos Volume 1″ We have tons of albums at our house which has all the pics of me and my family but the album keeping went away when we all had cameras in our phones and when we can all upload these into FB.

And I swore to myself to keep doing these albums so that David and Noah will have these tangible memories with them when they’re all growing up. I love looking at our old albums and I realize that this lost art of printing and creating memories on page should be brought back.

Ironically though, technology is making a way for us to create these photobooks easier! Using cloud storage, it is so easy to send pics to a printer and for a courier to deliver your new photo album in a span of few days.

Firstbook.ph is an easy online app to use where you can make your own baby book (the pages really look like the old school baby books we can still buy at National). Once you’re done, you can do two things, share book online or download the book to have it printed :)

I tried Firstbook.ph a few weeks ago so I can have a photo book of Noahs baptism. Firstbook is an easy app to use because it connects to your FB account (where all my pics are anyway).  I entered a few details about Noah.

Pampers First Book 4

Selected a theme:

 Pampers First Book 5

And in just a few clicks, I was already uploading pics into Noah’s baby book:

Pampers First Book 7

Oh lordy look at Noah! Para syang kewpie doll haha 😀 You can personalize your photobook by adding messages and captions. Each page is also shareable :)


Pampers First Book 8

Once done, I saved my file as a PDF so that it’s ready for printing.

Pampers First Book 9

The Firstbook app from Pampers is such an easy way to print out wonderful memories that you have created and shared with your babies and family.  Be it milestones or celebration of little victories, try out the Firstbook app to see how easy it is to create your own baby book! So log in to  http://www.firstbook.ph and get crackin!

Dole Pineapple Slushies Plus a Giveaway!

Super easy Dole pineapple slushies!
The only time I can do my errands while I’m at work is during lunch break. This means going to the bank, buying a few grocery items, going to the drugstore and what have you under the scorching heat of the sun. Hello ang init lang talaga this summer. Weather reports always report that we’re going to hit 40 degrees soon. If the Northern Hemisphere has a chill factor, we have a heat factor and yesterday I checked my phone and the heat factor was 39 degrees. Ok officially ng nilalagnat ang Manila (at ang taas ng lagnat ha)

After my errands I always buy a sandwich or a quick hot meal for lunch and a cold drink. I usually grab a soda but I have always found fruit shakes to be much more refreshing. And I don’t think you can beat the heat of summer quite like a cold glass of pineapple juice.

Because I was so inspired by our recent Dole Chef Mom project, I decided to do one more treat using Dole pineapples. Sorry to digress but I realize that all these cooking sessions with my fellow mommas is the universe’s way of telling me to go back to the kitchen and to actually cook na (hindi lang puro baking haha) and I’m really glad that I’m doing it with good friends. It does make the learning process so much easier.

But this recipe though does not involve cooking and is a quick and simple way of making a childhood treat right at your home! Remember the ICEE slushies or the Big Burps from convenience stores?  These Dole Pineapple Slushies is inspired by the Dole Whips that you can buy from Disneyland. It’s easy for this recipe to be very sweet very easily so please taste the mixture you make it so you can adjust the sweetness level.

1  432g can Dole Pineapple Tidbits
2 tbsps lemon juice (I bought Dole lemons)
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup whipped cream

Zipped Bags
Refrigerator 😛

Put the pineapple tidbits, sugar, and lemon juice in the blender

Dole Pineapple Slushies2

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Pioneer Insurance Medicash Dengue Insurance

Pioneer recently sent me a packet for their MediCash Dengue Insurance program. I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s an interesting concept,  insurance coverage just for a specific disease. In this case the coverage is for Dengue and for just Php350 even without medical confinement, the insured can claim medical cash assistance of P10,000.  The coverage is good for one year and anyone can be covered from 1 year to 70 years old!



Here’s a better pic of the coverage summary (click to enlarge):



MediCash Dengue Insurance


I also love how easy it is to avail of the insurance. You can just viber a pic of the completed stub to Pioneer for verification and you instantly get covered for Php10,000 for the year!

If you need more information on this product, go to  http://www.pioneer.com.ph/products/medicash-dengue

You can also call them at 750.5433 or text 09173531.7213

Human Nature also has an ongoing promo where if you buy 4 of their bug shield oil you automatically get the coverage for free. You can check out the promo here.

I am considering this for the boys. On top of what their current coverage from our  HMO, this seems like a plausible additional coverage to think about.

pioneer medicash


A Celebration of Firsts 


Last Month, April 12 to be exact we came home to this: BOOM!     A big Pampers Baby Dry cabinet that was generously stocked with Pampers Baby Dry!! It was really impossible for us to use up all the nappies and so we gave some packs away to new moms in our family and office. Among my friends, when it comes to gift giving we always ask the mom what she wants and one item in the wishlist would always be Pampers diapers. Pampers has been around my friends and family for quite a … [Continue reading]

Safe Ways to Bid Bugs Goodbye!

safe bug sprays

I'm not sure if it's the heat or the season but summer really brings out the bugs in our house. I really hate it when these little critters have their way with us and most especially the kids. Noah is the most prone and because he is so fair, we can easily see his bite marks na talaga namang galit na galit at pulang-pula :( So I turn to three reliable bug busters in our house that are really guaranteed to keep the bugs out. I've chosen these three because they're all organic. We spray these on … [Continue reading]