Friday Fun Finds: Quick Picks for Your Next Shopping Trip

New shoppging finds! I love finding cheap new stuff at the grocery or at the drugstore. My favorite grocery nowadays is Hi-Top at Quezon Avenue which has a massive amount of grocery items inside plus a lot of local and imported brands that I have yet to find in other stores. Another guilty pleasure for me is Watson’s. I love going through their personal care aisles looking for things that I can try out without hurting my budget.

So here’s my shortlist of fun finds:

Oreo Double Stuf  Php 42.25

oreo double stuff

So for the grocery, my most favorite find is Oreo’s Double Stuf. David just likes to eat the creme center so this new variant from Oreo is right up his alley. I bought a couple for snacks plus some to leave in our car because traffic jams make me hungry!!! :P

Yuka Acetone-Free Wipes Php65.00

yuka acetone free wipes
My favorite kikay find are these nail polish remover wipes! They were only Php65 at Watson’s so I bought one to try at home. I had weeks-old polish on my toe nails which I needed to clean out and these wipes did the job and removed them completely. The scent was also not so overpowering so I was able to do my business in our bedroom!

yuka acetone free wipes 1
The wipes seem thin but they’re actually pretty strong and didn’t tear apart when I was cleaning my toes. I used about 4 wipes total for my feet which had deep red nail polish.

Safeguard Derma Sense for Sensitive Skin 200ml Php99.00

On a recent family trip, Yaya Ann forgot to refill the bottle of body wash for David.  There was only enough wash in Noah’s bottle too so I decided that David can use the wash I packed for me and Dan. For that trip, I brought a 200ml bottle of Safeguard Derma Sense for sensitive skin. I’ve used it a couple of times already and it didn’t dry my skin and my dermatitis did not react (yay!), Dan used the wash too and he loves the clean and fresh scent. He is a long-time Safeguard bath bar soap user so the body wash was a welcome change for him. I used a small amount of the body wash on David and David’s skin did not dry up and he did smell super nice the entire time. So this is a wash that the entire family can use and at only Php99 per bottle, sulit sya!

I have a few more favorite finds but I’ll save them for next week!! I love these new finds because it means more options for me and the family when we go grocery shopping. Best of all, these are all so affordable so the family grocery budget is safe heehee!

Happy Shopping!

Love Is…

I was having a really bad day today and I was stressed. So para kumalma, I went on Facebook and was aimlessly scrolling through my feed.

And then I saw this video. And then I clicked play.

And then all my stress melted away.

Love has no gender
Love has no race
Love has no religion
Love has no disability

Monday Musings: Life is a journey, not a destination

Sometimes I still have to remind myself that what really counts is not the destination but the journey. When I find myself in the midst of 1,001 things, I always wonder if everything that I’m doing are worth it. Sometimes I just want to stay still because I feel that I’m rushing through life and I am forgetting the small things that make living extra special. “Stop and smell the roses” daw. Corny as it may sound but there is truth in that.  It’s only when I take my time do I realize how far I’ve travelled along and how important it is to relish the small moments, the small things, the quirks and eccentricities of people and events that make life interesting.

So even though I am moving along and it seems I have no idea where I am headed, I have to be extra aware that where I am now is where I am meant to be. God has placed me where I am today because He has plans that I, in my limited capacity will never fully understand.  And that I should trust the process. I should trust the journey and that really, I should trust myself too.

Have a good Monday muni-muni lovely people!!





#TeamNoah Walks!


Sometimes when a pressing issue needs to be heard, people organize themselves to walk the streets arm-in-arm so that together their message is unified and amplified. Awareness is created at the very least. Last Sunday, we did the very same thing. Every February, the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines holds a Happy Walk for Down Syndrome Consciousness Month. We walked arm-in-arm and hand-in-hand to celebrate our loved ones who rock the extra chromosome. We walked and we cheered. We … [Continue reading]

A Giveaway from #TeamNoah :)


I stumbled upon this book accidentally. I was on a lunch break with my teammates at Greenbelt 1 and we all went to the OMF Literature Book Shop to browse. I went to the section where there were children’s books to look for titles for David and Noah. My eyes wandered along the shelves until they stopped at a this one book whose cover had two boys. It was the older boy in the cover who caught my attention. It was this face that I saw peeking from all the other book covers. My head and heart … [Continue reading]