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Mommas! Hold on to your wallets because is the ultimate one-stop online shop for all the essentials you need for your kids. But before I go on, do you know that when you sign up for an account you get a 20% discount voucher which you can use on any of the items at the shop? Although the voucher cannot be used on sale items and disposable diapers, the site offers so many amazing items some of which are not found in any stores here in Manila.


cudsly website

So let me share with you what I love about Cudsly (If you love online shopping like me, you’ll really love Cudsly!) and the great buys I scored from the website.  AAAND I am also giving away shopping credits  to two readers worth 500 each to get your shopping started on Cudsly. (Damayan shopping ito! haha!)

1) Easy to navigate – Cudsly’s navigation bars make it easy to move around the site to look for what you need. If you don’t the search bar will always take you to what you need. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get daily reminders of deals and helpful guides.


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2) Awesome sale items – The sale items are all worth a look. Some of them are  40% off!

cudsly sale


O’Baby Strollers are on sale for only 5,995!


cudsly obaby

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The 12 Scams of the Holidays

I just got this really helpful email and I wanted to share it with you too! The shopping season is so hectic that we can sometimes let our guard down while checking off our Christmas lists  — both online and offline. It’s good to be reminded now and then of safety tips so that our shopping trips will not leave us extra haggard!! :D Happy shopping and be safe :D


The 12 Scams of Christmas Holidays

Thursday Thoughts

This is for you, who feels down and defeated.

This is for you, who is so tired of what life has handed out .

This is for you who thinks that life is unfair and you just couldn’t get a break.

I want you to know that the struggle is part of your story and this is just one chapter. It will be a distant memory soon that will push you to work harder and live life to the fullest.

While you are in the midst of your troubles, do not forget to celebrate the small things and to notice the kindness of other people. It can be a friend who listens, an office mate who made you laugh or the driver in your shuttle who took a short cut so that you won’t be late for work today. All these are signs that the universe is still looking out for you.

Believe in your strength and if you are the praying kind, hold on to Him.

Have a good Thursday my friend :)

maya angelou


darkest night




The Stellar Interstellar


I watched Interstellar last weekend and I was promptly swept off my feet with the majesty of this movie. Space and space travel is undeniably awesome and to have it re imagined by Chris Nolan is just a spectacular treat for the eyes. The mission of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), Brand (Anne Hathaway) and their team is to save humanity by looking for another habitable planet that the human race can move out to. The earth is suffering from one devastating blight after another and without … [Continue reading]

Five Tips for A Fun Family Road Trip

shell and oreo

Team Santos recently went off to Tagaytay for a super fun road trip with our friends. We stayed at Hotel Kimberly but before going there we all met at the big Shell station at the South Luzon Expressway (near Susanna heights) I'm pretty sure this area is a landmark, this is our go-to meeting spot whenever we're going off to the South for some much needed R&R. We gassed up at Shell and the kids started snacking already hehe. Going on road trips with two kids require a lot of planning and … [Continue reading]