Shoe Dilemmas

Naks. Ang drama but this has been the most “painful” business trip I have been sent to. I think medyo may inverse relationship ang physical versus mental pain with all my business trips. The easier the trip, the more painful it will be for other parts of my body. In this case, I had a relatively easy business trip, I visited clients who were really pleasant because it was all just meet and greet lang naman. I work in Client Services so there is no pressure for me to sell anything. My job is to make sure that the clients are ok with our company’s services — and good thing they all are ok  *phew*.

Thing is though, client visits involve a lot of walking to and from (and around offices) and buildings. The first time I did this, I packed flats in my bag and I would switch shoes in between client visits. It made the walks so much more bearable. But for this recent trip, I was with three of my bosses so hello nakakahiya naman mag palit palit pa ng sapatos. So I did the next best thing, I bought shoes that were supposed to help make the walks easier.

I bought a pair of the Hartley wedges from Easy Spirit. The leather is really soft and the foot bed is comfortable. However it is a wedge. Hindi ako sanay on heels (maski wedges) and I spent a whole day standing and walking on them. My toes were rubbed quite hard, almost raw na but bearable pa ang pain. The shoes are also very light and the color is so cute and very flattering. Winner sya. Kailangan lang masanay ako.


hartley wedge tan easy spirit


But I thought that I won’t be able to walk as comfortably again when I do my next round of client visits the next day sooooo I bought flats from Charles and Keith. I signed up for a membership card with this store the last time I went to Singapore. The card entitles me to 10% of on all regular items so hello diba, it was a good excuse to shop! And shop I did for a nice pair of flats.

charles & keith duo tone flats

Cute diba? I bought a size 36 and went on my way. Naisip ko wow I’ll be set on Friday! Pwede na akong maglakad ng maglakad!  Oo yun nga ang nangyari I walked around the old business district of Singapore but geeeeeez the leather of these flats are soooo hard!! My feet were rubbed RAW. Both of my heels and my left toe sustained the most damage. Once I got to Changi and changed into my ballet flats, wala na it’s too late. I can’t walk anymore ! I can’t even check out the shops kasi gusto ko na lang umupo (or humiga kung pwede lang) huhuhu. This is definitely the type that needed to be broken in. In time I feel the leather will give way and expand but it has done its damage now :(

As testament to my poor judgment here’s a picture of my poor feet:

Right foot


My left foot. Hay! My left toe still throbs today :(  A friend told me that it MAY need to be pulled out. Kadiri. Also, I couldn’t wear closed shoes to work. Most of my sandals have straps at the back which would touch the raw skin on my heels :(


And TADA!!!! RIP my left toe. You have served me well. Hay.


Because wearing rubber slippers is not allowed in our building and our company dress code specifically prohibits rubber slippers, I needed to look for a pair of sandals that provided enough coverage but still allowed my feet to breathe and recover.

So I went to Birkenstock in Glorietta 2 and zoomed in on a pair of Madrid that was all black. It’s a new style apparently and it’s made of EVA so it’s sooo liight. Once I tried the pair on I didn’t want to remove it. I had the saleslady pack my Saltwater sandals and I wore this pair on my way back to the office. This same saleslady also looked at my feet and said “Ma’am sira sira na paa nyo, ang daming band-aid!” Hay naku I only sighed and nodded and told her that I chose the wrong shoes.  Oh and this pair pala is a steal! It’s only Php1,850!! I was ready to fork over at least 4k but I was so happy they still had a pair of Madrid EVA in my size! Sulit!

birkenstock madrid eva

This pair is the silver lining believe me.  If you’re interested in this pair, you can call these Birkenstock stores and they will check for you. You can also reserve a pair if you want to.

Upper Ground Floor, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

Level 2 Glorietta 2, Makati City
Tel. (02)621-1106

Level 4, the Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: (02)631-0288

Quezon City
Level M2 TriNoma Mall, EDSA cor North Avenue, QC
Tel (02)901-3880
Upper Ground floor, SM City North EDSA Annex, QC
Tel (02) 373-2839

So lessons learned….

I will not buy new, untested shoes for my next business trip

I will invest in sensible low-heeled shoes na (Dan insisted that I shell out and huwag ng manghinayang sa presyo, nayks!) I have been told that Payless has a lot of options. I actually went to Payless in Glorietta but they don’t have a lot of options for size 6 :( Ayun pa, size 6 ako so laging ubusan ng size!! Horror.

I will not take the health of my feet for granted. EVER.

I am now on the lookout for sensible business shoes. I will keep you posted of my finds either here or on Instagram. My rule of thumb is to pack three pairs always and my Madrid EVAs will surely make it to my list as well as the tan wedges. I need one more in black!! Shoe gods help me!! :D

Gusto Kong Ma-Buqo? :D

I love books, I love reading but I miss books, I miss reading L I work as an analyst in my day job and I do a lot of reading — manuals, annual reports, contracts, billions of emails. The reading I miss is the fun, stimulating kind where you just have to finish the book in one sitting. I miss the leisurely way I flip through a new book. Time really is a luxury if you’re a working mom. The last book I read was Ellen Degeneres’ Seriously I’m Kidding which I read on my last business trip to HK.

I have lots of other books (and magazines) on my list that I want to buy but what’s keeping me is the fact that I already have so many books and magazines. I still live with my parents and I just don’t have the room in my room anymore. Our family bookshelves are already so stuffed with so many other books that our family has acquired over so many years.

I have always toyed with the idea of a reader but I’m not sure if a dedicated reader like the Kindle would be an investment I would want to spend on.

So I tried Buqo, which I learned from our good friends over at Smart Telecom! Buqo is a mobile bookstore, newsstand and reader app, available for both Android and iOS users.

Buqo Smart

Summit and Buqo is currently offering a great easy promo where you can buy and/or subscribe to your favorite Summit titles just by using your Smart Prepaid load or by charging it to your Smart Postpaid bill. Ang dali diba? I love that you can download what you want to read in an instant and keep a library in your bag which you can bring everywhere! EVERYWHERE! It’s kind of embarrassing that I’ve only recently cleaned out a box of 5-year old magazines at home but I hoard reading materials but they just unfortunately add to the clutter. I keep a lot of books and magazines because I always would like references in the house in case I would have to do an art project or need a recipe for example.

But when I tried out Buqo, I didn’t feel so bad that I had to give some of my magazines to the junk shop and my books in permanent storage in our bodega.

I browsed through some of the titles and found these little gems that I will have to download soon:

Pugad Baboy books!!! I did not realize how many there are already (nalula naman daw ako)

Buqo Pugad Baboy

Lourd De Veyra!

Buqo Lourd De Veyra


Of course magazines are a must in my reading list and Buqo has a wide selection:

Buqo Summit Magazines

Buqo Summit Magazines 2

And I am soooo pleasantly surprised that Buqo has lovely children’s books from Adarna and Lampara! Yay!

Buqo Adarna

Buqo Lampara Books

So, if you’re a Smart subscriber, you can just download all these books and magazines (some books are free!) using your prepaid load or it can be charged to your Smart postpaid bill. Easy-peasy, credit card free! If you’d like to know more just click on

*Smart Communications is a sponsor of*


Twice Blessed

One of the goals we had while we were at the IMCU is for Noah to be well enough for him to be transferred to a regular room. It seems that a trip home was not in our cards yet and so with Jo, one of our IMCU nurses we planned for two goals:

1) For Noah’s oxygen stats to go up to 98
2) For Noah to be transferred to a regular room in time for his birthday

Nakakatatakot talaga. Noah’s breathing was really labored and he was miserable. He was always crying and pulling off his cannula. He also pulled off his Nasogastric Tube which is a looong tube that was put in his nose down to his tummy. He wasn’t up for oral feeds yet – his respiratory rate was so high that he was at the risk of aspirating if he drinks milk. It all turned around when a new set of 2nd generation medicines were given to him. His mouth and nose were also suctioned at regular intervals to ensure that his airways were not blocked. His CPAP machine pumped precious oxygen into his lungs so that he could breathe again. Jo, the IMCU nurse on duty made sure that Noah’s oxystats were increasing. She even requested for a new machine just to be sure of the accuracy.

His 2D echo also showed he had Myocarditis, a slight infection of the heart. He had fluid buildup in the walls of his heart which was caused by the infection in his lungs. The pedia cardiologist however was not worried too much. Noah’s heart was still strong and did not show any other problems. She prescribed Noah with a low dose diuretic to flush out the excess fluid.

Friday night up to Saturday showed that Noah’s oxygen levels have stabilized. His oximiter has registered 97-98 with a low of 93. This was such a huge turnaround from the last few days when the oximeter would reflect his levels to be at the 70s. Noah has also started waking and sitting up, although he was still dazed. He had glassy eyes and he wasn’t responding nor smiling. Noah wasn’t fully back yet and just seeing him with an empty stare made our hearts hurt more. We wanted our baby back :(

And he did come back, slowly but surely he fought through again.


Slowly but surely, Noah’s stats showed that he was ready to be moved to a regular room.  “Regular Room” – those two words meant so much to us for it meant that Noah was finally on the mend. His health is the best birthday gift ever and we celebrated it in room 302.

I ordered a simple cake from TazzyCakes again and bought balloons at the hospital gift shop. My mom, dad, my youngest brother, David, his yaya and our parents driver all came and celebrated Noah’s 2nd birthday. David came with a mask. He wanted to play with Noah but we told him he couldn’t yet.


Yay Noah!!

We heard a knock on the door and in came the Pediatric Unit, in full force. They sang the birthday song to Noah, gave him a balloon, a box of fruits and a thoughtful poster.



Cat of TazzyCakes made another yummy cake. The filling this time was banana chocolate chip :)


We got discharged last Wednesday. Noah was diagnosed with Brochopneumonia, Myocarditis and Acute Respiratory Failure.  He was given Tergecef for his oral antibiotics. Noah lost a lot of weight but what matters most is that we got him home. We got him back and most importantly he was smiling again.

Noah’s 2nd birthday is such a strong reminder of how such a brave fighter this little boy is. It was also a reminder of how blessed he truly is. He received so many prayers, good wishes and of course lots of loving and expert care from the kind nurses and doctors at the hospital. We had lots of angels on our side who guided him back to health.

And I THANK YOU! Saying thank you to so many kind souls is an opportunity for me, on behalf of my family to count so many as part of our blessing. We are battle-weary but certainly not bowed and we are humbled by the outpouring of love for our little boy.

As for me, I’ve had enough “excitement” for the rest of the year. It certainly is good to be back here at the office, typing away this post in between breaks. Boring is so underrated, don’t you think?

Kyrie Eleison


Noah update: I'm writing this at the Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) of St Luke's. Noah had to be transferred because his breathing is still labored, his oxygen saturation levels were still in the low 90s, he was just sleeping all throughout the day and his lungs still showed that he had phlegm even if he was already on antibiotics. His doc wanted him to be hooked up to a pulse oximeter machine to monitor his oxygen saturation. Normally a person at rest would have an O2 saturation of 96 and … [Continue reading]

Help for Baby Zane

baby zane

Mye De Leon is a talented digital artist who I knew online for a campaign she started for her youngest child and only boy Alphonse. Alphonse was born with Down syndrome and also had Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF). Simply put ToF is caused by a combination of four heart defects which cause oxygenated and deoxygenated blood to mix. Children with ToF are usually called "blue babies" because of the circulation of the oxygen- poor blood in their bodies. Mye raised the funds she needed through the … [Continue reading]