Thanksgiving and Giving Back

It’s the 27th of November today and in the US, in a few hours Thanksgiving will be celebrated. I love the concept of this holiday even though we don’t really celebrate it here in the Philippines. Personally for me, Thanksgiving happens on the 25th of December and in the midst of loved ones, I commemorate the birth of Jesus and the gift of God’s love with an overwhelming gratitude. Although the challenges I have to face are overwhelming, there is always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for David and Noah, my two bright stars who keep me on my toes and who inspire me to be the best person I can be.

david noah edit

I am thankful for Dan, who always has my back and who always keep me grounded. As much as I hate to admit it, he IS right most of the time (MOST ha…not all the time!! Haha)

I am thankful for our parents who have always loved my family unconditionally. Their love for David and Noah is everything to me.

I am thankful for my friends for they keep things real ‘yo! My beki friends, my donya friends, my friends since childhood (oy vey ang tanders na natin haha) and my officemates who make life so much more fun and colorful.

I am thankful for YOU, yes YOU!! You my dear reader who has found time in your busy day to visit this blog. It is truly humbling to know that we are navigating this crazy world of parenting together! I give you all virtual hugs and high-fives! You guys rock!!

Last but certainly not the least, I am thankful for the community that has welcomed us because of Noah’s magic chromosome. I am grateful for the opportunities where I am able to give back to this community such as  Best Buddies Philippines a wonderful non-profit organization that promotes inclusion by facilitating friendships between individuals with intellectual disabilities  (IDDs) and those without. We currently have chapters in Xavier School, Bridges Foundation, One World and the International School of Manila. We are also currently working with De La Salle Zobel on the R-Word campaign (read more about the campaign here)

Best Buddies - make a friend be a friend - Jonjing and Aly


Best Buddies Philippines is run entirely on donations and volunteers. Our goal is to have enough funds for us to create quarterly activities that our buddies can attend and bond in (although they are free to do their own activities at their own time naman we feel that it’s nice to have big group events regularly). I believe in this organization’s goals  so much because I want Noah to grow up in a society where he will be seen for his personality and not for his disability. I want people to see his potential and not judge him instantly by his limitations. Most importantly though, I want kids like Noah to have friends. It’s a seemingly simple wish but in reality, individuals with IDDs, even though they have always surrounded by a loving family and community would really benefit from social interactions. Friendships between those with IDDs and those without foster understanding, empathy and the relationship is always mutually beneficial.

Best Buddies - Hubert Humphrey


I am thankful for Best Buddies coming into our lives because seeing these kids bond and connect makes me excited about the next generation. I would love for this org to grow and to provide these kids more opportunities to connect.  My heart is grateful and so I would want to give back to Best Buddies Philippines.

The HOW of course is always FUN!

Chrystel Ilano of Stache Clothing emailed me last June to work on a collaboration for her store. I remembered Stache Clothing’s generosity when they sent me this onesie for Noah


Noah is our hero and the onesie certainly made sure that everyone else knew about it :D

So when Chrystel asked if I wanted to collaborate on a collection with her, I was excited. I knew exactly what I wanted: shirts for kiddies with positive, inspiring messages. I love quotes (you can see all my posts about my fave quotes here) and I really felt that the energy of these words are perfect for  kids because their spirit reflects the purity and the earnestness of my favorite sayings. I also asked Chrystel if it’s possible that a part of the proceeds of the sale to go to Best Buddies Philippines. She said yes!!

So (drum roll please) I am excited to show you the Manilamommy X Stache Clothing collaboration! These designs are available in onesies and shirts. They are super affordable at only Php 450 each and the shirts are made of breathable cotton fabric.

Here’s Mary Oliver’s quote “I Need Only to Stand Where I Am to be Blessed”


Blessed Girl Onesie

Designs for this quote are available for boys and girls :)

stache mary oliver manilamommy


For the little ladies with a lot of fight in them, here’s Shakespeare for you:  “And Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce”


shakespeare stache manilamommy


Of course this collection would not be complete without Maya Angelou, “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud”


stache maya angelou manilamommy


And of course Dr. Seuss for everyone!! Kid, you’ll move mountains!!




FB Post_MM


Sizes Available and Order Information:

Onesies: 0-6 Months and 7-12 Months

Tee Shirts: 0-6 Months, 7-12 Months, 12-18 Months

Toddler Sizes are also available

To order please email Chrystel at or message her at her FB page Stache Clothing

I won’t profit from this collection :D The chance to give back is reward enough for me (totoo yan walang echos!! haha)  Thank you Chrystel for allowing me to collaborate with you and for giving me the chance to show my gratitude to Best Buddies Philippines through this collection. I do hope that these shirts make it to your Christmas lists and must-haves for kids.

noah dada



On behalf of Best Buddies Philippines and Stache Clothing THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Shop Your Heart Out at

Mommas! Hold on to your wallets because is the ultimate one-stop online shop for all the essentials you need for your kids. But before I go on, do you know that when you sign up for an account you get a 20% discount voucher which you can use on any of the items at the shop? Although the voucher cannot be used on sale items and disposable diapers, the site offers so many amazing items some of which are not found in any stores here in Manila.


cudsly website

So let me share with you what I love about Cudsly (If you love online shopping like me, you’ll really love Cudsly!) and the great buys I scored from the website.  AAAND I am also giving away shopping credits  to two readers worth 500 each to get your shopping started on Cudsly. (Damayan shopping ito! haha!)

1) Easy to navigate – Cudsly’s navigation bars make it easy to move around the site to look for what you need. If you don’t the search bar will always take you to what you need. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get daily reminders of deals and helpful guides.


cudsly categories

2) Awesome sale items – The sale items are all worth a look. Some of them are  40% off!

cudsly sale


O’Baby Strollers are on sale for only 5,995!


cudsly obaby

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The 12 Scams of the Holidays

I just got this really helpful email and I wanted to share it with you too! The shopping season is so hectic that we can sometimes let our guard down while checking off our Christmas lists  — both online and offline. It’s good to be reminded now and then of safety tips so that our shopping trips will not leave us extra haggard!! :D Happy shopping and be safe :D


The 12 Scams of Christmas Holidays

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