Baguio Hits

The long weekend saw us trekking up to Baguio (in just 3 hours I might add) with family for a quick, fun vacation. I loooved the place we rented and I can’t wait to share them with you in a separate post soon. It was David’s 2nd time in Baguio and Noah’s 1st (well technically 2nd na rin because I was pregnant when we last went to Baguio heehee). There were still a lot of weekenders in Baguio when we went there. Traffic was still heavy in the city and the lines to popular food places were looooong. But I was on vacation and I did not want anything to stress me out and I kept that in mind. What mattered most was that I was in a beautiful place with lovely family. If the table to Happy Tummy meant that we had to wait an hour, we waited an hour, no pressure, no worries. Even though the trip was super tiring, I have to say that I felt refreshed. Starting a vacation with no agenda at all except to have fun is actually….AWESOME haha.  Also, I just made sure I had food water on hand for David and Noah all the time! For the most part though we were all just shooting the breeze and having fun.

Just how a real vacation should be.

Also, it was my first time to eat Longganisa Baguio! Hello ang sarap nya!!!

Of course Baguio strawberries :) (they are 250 a kilo there now though)

The weather got so cold at night that we finally tried out the fire place. David did his homework beside it and we roasted marshmallows after.

When’s the next long weekend again?? Heeheehee

Fun Find (and a Giveaway!!): Tiny Buds Natural Baby Products

Hosting giveaways is one of my favorite things to do here at the blog. It gives me a chance to share with you stuff that I have personally tried, tested and loved.

So I am kicking off 2015 by hosting a fun giveaway by Tiny Buds! You might have seen Tiny Buds in your suking grocery stores and you may have received a sample or two when you have attended Mommy Mundo events. This brand believes in giving moms a choice when it comes to taking of their kids. Tiny Buds provides parents with products that are all-natural and free from harmful chemicals.

Their best-seller and our personal favorite is the Tiny Buds Baby Rice Powder.

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

This powder is hypoallergenic and is made from 100-percent rice grains. It does not contain talc but it still works as a great sweat absorber. It does not contain any strong fragrances and it’s very effective in keeping the kids fresh and their skin protected from rashes :)

Next in our Tiny Buds list is the hand sanitizer. Given the number of times we have to spritz on the sanitizer when we’re out, I’m glad that David and Noah’s hands and fingers are always clean without the strong alcohol smell!

Tiny Buds Giveaway1

Last but certainly not the least is Tiny Bud’s Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash. It’s what we use because it cleans out Noah’s stuff well without any harmful Parabens. Because Noah still is on the bottle, I make it a point to only use cleansers that are mild and safe for him but are also tough on the germs and bacteria.

Tiny Buds Giveaway5

You can buy Tiny Buds items at their online store at

Click here to join the giveaway

5 Signs You Have Young Kids!


5 Signs You're A Mom of Young Kids

It was a typical Saturday morning in our house. Everyone in the house was up and the day was on to a slow, lazy start. The TV in our room was on and I found myself staring into a Hi-5 episode and I was humming along to the songs. I was in a trance much like the kids are when they watch their shows until I realized….

Both David and Noah are in the playroom.

So I was alone in our room and I was watching Hi-5 by myself willingly.

That’s when I figured that there are so many things about me now that just screams “MOM OF TWO YOUNG KIDS!” in bright bold letters with lights. And I’m not just talking about the forever soiled tops I wear feeding and going after two young boys (I can pretty much make a mess on my own) so here’s a few more signs that I figured everyone could relate to:

1) Even with the kids out of the room, the tv is still tuned in to Disney Channel

i took a pic of our TV when i realized i was alone watching hi-5

i took a pic of our TV when i realized i was alone watching hi-5

Also, Tinka reminds me of Darryl Hannah’s character, Pris in Blade Runner. I would really tell the Book Worms and Chats to watch their backs heehee

tinka bookworms hi-5 - Copy

2) A children’s song is always part of your LSS (last song syndrome)

Underwater Discovery is ALWAYS stuck in my head.



so come with me
under the sea
yeah, we can be
under the sea
and we could make an
so come with me
under the sea

3) You talk to adults like this:

“The meeting will start in a few minutes, would you like to go wiwi? 

….is an actual conversation I have had with my team and I did not flinch nor bother to change the question.

4) Your bag always has wonderful surprises

5 signs youre a mom of toddlers

I have found kuya’s scribbles, broken crayons, cookie crumbs, dried fruits, small toys that were thought to be lost, etc. My bag is a “treasure chest”

5) You use babywipes for everything!!!

I have used babywipes to clean my phone, to wipe out deodorant stains on my clothes, my feet, my bag, the kids toys, the kids shoes, the TV screen, our bed (when Noah spills milk) it’s an all-around cleaning solution!

cudsly website

I buy our wipes at They always have the 5+1 promo with Pigeon wipes!

I do admit that these 5 things are badges I wear proudly. David and Noah will soon outgrow Hi-5 and their songs will all be what’s hip on the radio. Pretty soon my babywipes hoarding days will be over and I will just need a few packs to clean up my own messes. But until those days come, I will always relish being a mom to my two young boys :)

How about you?! What would you add to this list?

Super Useful Guide to Fevers!

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ManilaMommy Review: Our Seda Nuvali Staycation – The Facilities

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