Mango Tree is Down for Thai!

Mango Tree, that awesome Thai restaurant celebrated its 2nd year with the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines with “Down for Thai” which ran from March 28 to June 1.  We couldn’t be more proud of this program because our young adults were trained to serve and work at the restaurant for the duration of the restaurant’s anniversary celebration.  Some worked in reception, others worked alongside attendants serving yummy Tom Yum soup to guests, while others were trained as bar tenders.

Mish of MommanManila was able to go to Mango Tree Bonifacio Global City. She wrote about her wonderful experience at her blog and shared pics of the rockstars who were on attendance when she visited.

There are two things that I loved about this program:

First is the recognition that individuals with learning disabilities like Down syndrome can do great work if only they are given the opportunity. Here’s a video that featured “Down for Thai” showing some of the young adults in our community in action!

2nd is that the event raised Php100,000 which will go towards DSAPI’s Free Clinic! Woohoo!

Mango Tree launched a special menu for DOWN for Thai, which included Mango Tree’s Crab Festival dishes, Pad Thai Goong, or Gai Hor Bai Toey. Proceeds from these menu items went to DSAPI’s free clinic program which will support efforts to provide quality health care for children with Down Syndrome.

Down for Thai

In Photo (Left to Right) From DSAPI: Jeremy Lapena, Tony Pasia, Adette dela Paz; Mango Tree Executives: Kathy Santiago, Betsy Esguerra, Karen Tanchanco-Caballero and DSAPI: Agnes Lapena


What a really generous way to celebrate a successful year! Thank you Mango Tree for sharing your blessings with our community. DSAPI has certainly made a great choice in partnering with such an open and welcoming organization.

Personally I do hope that this will inspire restaurants and other organizations to take on the challenge of actually hiring individuals with Down syndrome and those with learning disabilities. Incidentally, this is what we’re working on with Best Buddies which is true and genuine inclusion via fruitful friendships and employment opportunities. Slow but sure steps for sure but the most important things are creating awareness and of course forging partnerships! God bless Mango Tree!!

Divi Day

One of my favorite things about running ManilaBaby Shop is Divisoria day. We source the materials of the bags ourselves including the lining, the zippers, and all the nuts and bolts that make up our bags. We’re hands on and sourcing materials is one of our favorite things to do.


We went back to our suki cloth supplier a few weeks back and I decided to take pics of Divisoria while I was there using my phone.

Divi is fascinating. The energy is frenetic. It’s abuzz with people trying to buy, sell, negotiate– anything to make ends meet. Street children and the homeless weave in and out of he busy alleyways trying to eke out a few pesos for a meal. Street vendors sell an assortment of things, which makes me wonder if some of them are fenced or not. Old abandoned buildings and shiny new malls are within walking distance of each other. The decrepit buildings give a sense of foreboding of what these new shiny malls could be give or take a decade.


I rubberneck like a tourist every time we’re in Divi because there is so much to see (and buy) in this place.


But we move on and go about our business. We’re just like anyone else here in Divi who are busy making ends meet.


See you soon Divi!

Philippine Holidays for 2015

It’s here!!! The list of Philippine Holidays for 2015 is here yahoo!! It is official and it has been proclaimed under Proclamation No. 831 section 2014 (click  here for the official announcement)

2015 is starting off with a long 6-day weekend because Dec. 30 (Tuesday), 31 (Wednesday) 2014 and January 1 (Thursday) and 2 (Friday) are all holidays.

Here’s the list.  I arranged the days so they’ll all be in order. I counted and there are 8 long weekends in 2015!

2015 Philippine Holidays

Not included in this list are the dates of the Muslim holidays of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha 2015 which shall be announced in the future by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) :)

If you want to see the remaining holidays for 2014 click here.

I think we’ll go back to Boracay or maybe try Bohol naman!

Happy vacation planning!

Recess by Chef Chris Locher: Where the Familiar Becomes Extra Special

Recess by Chef Chris Jupiter AvenueIMG_4056

Recess by Chef Chris opened last November of 2013 and is located in Jupiter St., Makati. If you are familiar with the famous panizzas in C Italian Dining in Pampanga well you're in for a treat because Recess by Chef Chris serves these roll-up pizzas in new variants alongside familiar dishes that are well-loved and executed wonderfully. I tried out the resto with Tiff, Conci and Patty during our lunch break. Us four are all working girls in Makati and so a lunch meet-up was perfect to try out … [Continue reading]

On Learning New Things and Learning Always

David and Noah house June 2014

Kuya is now in big school.  He is wonderfully enjoying every moment but he hates when school is out and yaya is not there to fetch him. He will cry AS IN. We have to teach David that waiting time is playing time or that he can go to the library or the mini-garden. We have to always tell him that yaya and the driver are on their way. Traffic is bad but they will be on their way. But still he cries. I hope this is just a phase. I was already doing 2nd trips in grade school because I loved hanging … [Continue reading]