(Not So Spooky Tunes) for a Fun Halloween Playlist

Party ba kamo? What’s a party without sounds?! (“sounds” talaga, I sound like a Tita hahaha) Because it’s Halloween and because I love putting together playlists, here’s one that’s sure to get the kids grooving and the adults dancing :)

I made this playlist for our Oreo Better Me Halloween Trip or Treats last Monday and Tuesday. We dressed up as characters from Star Wars from the event. I went as Princess Leia, Dan was Han Solo and David and Noah were Jedi masters!Stanley Ong took our photo and it was such a fun shoot! Hello ipapa-frame ko ito haha. It’s a good reminder din for the kids to be silly and lose themselves in a fun tradition once in a while. I really figured that if I want the kids to be game and to join seemingly silly events then Dan and I should be game too. It wasn’t hard having David dress up in his Jedi Master costume because he saw me and Dan in our get-up too. He really got into the spirit (sometimes it was TOO much spirit) and was waving his light saber all around Hotel Kimberly hehehe. The kids ate Oreos while Stan took our pics. Even Noah was munching on Oreos too (his OT will be very proud at how he held and munched on his cookie hehehe)

This was also the first year I ever really dressed up for Halloween (as in effort ha) and I have to admit that it was really fun! In our office, I was Queen Grimhilde naman from Snow White. I’ll post about the how-to’s of our costumes in another post but here’s our first official Halloween family pic! Thank you so much  Oreos for making this shoot and the Halloween Trip or Treats event happen!

pamilyang star wars oreo better together

Aaaaand without further ado, here’s the playlist! Click play  to listen to the tracks.

Here’s the full listing:

Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr.
I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow
Purple People Eater – Countdow Kids
Trick or Treasure  – Jake and the Neverland Pirates
The Addams Family – TV Themes
Monster Mash – Halloween Hit Factory
Scooby Doo Where Are You – TV Themes
Rattle Yer Bones- Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Woolly Bully – Various Artists
Thriller – Michael Jackson

Kuya probably played the Ghostbusters theme a hundred times already. He’s currently playing a Ghostbusters iPad game and whenever I would play the playlist we would never really go to tracks 2 onwards because we’d get stuck on the Ghostbusters theme! He would always bob his head at the opening tracks which is always fun to watch. While making the playlist I made sure to also include tracks from shows the kids know. The playlist has two songs from Jake and the Neverland pirates which I was really proud to have found. I told Kuya about it and his face lit up when he heard the familiar pirates singing about “Tricks or Treasure”. For the adults I included the theme songs to the Addams Family (*snap *snap*) the theme of Scooby Dooby Doo and other classics. The playlist ends with the ultimate Halloween song “Thriller”. I tested the playlist on the family to get their feedback and to see if the songs really created a fun mood for Halloween.

My playlist is public so just search for “Halloween Kiddie Playlist”. You can save this as your own playlist or follow it. If you have Spotify Premium, you can make this playlist available offline so that you can play it anywhere and anytime even without an internet connection.

So there, I do hope you enjoy the playlist we’ve put together! Awwwwooo!! Happy Halloween!!!

Jollitown Comes Alive!

This weekend is just busy busy busy for the kiddos no? There’s so much Halloween Trick or Treating fun to do so if you want to take a break but still give the kids a great day, then the Jollitown The Big Fun Event is just for you :)

The Big Fun Event is a great way to celebrate National Children’s Month. On October 26  (yep this Sunday na!)  head on over to SMX Convention Center Hall 1 where  play zones and giant inflatables await kids! Get your bounce on inside Jollibee’s Bob House, slide down the Rainbow Slide or fill the town with bubbles from the Bubble Dome!



JolliTown The Big Fun Event FB Poster
This event is exclusive to Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) members so sign up and register online here or at the venue

Ticket Price:

For JKC Members:

– Present JKC card to purchase ticket at P65 (same price for kids and adults)

– Ticket is inclusive of Regular Yum and a drink plus lootbag for the kids

– Multiple tickets can be bought with 1 JKC card at P65

For Non-JKC members:

– Register to become a member for P100 and tickets can be bought already for P65

Jollitown The Big Fun Event!
October 26, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 1
from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


A Hit on Halloween: Cheesy Cheez Whiz Salsa Nacho Dip

Halloween is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays. What’s not to love with a season where everyone dresses up and gets candy? Di lang candy pala CAAANDIIIES. And yes, I am that mom who raids her kids’ plastic pumpkin pails when I need a quick sugar fix (nagpapaalam naman ako hahaha)

What’s even more fun during this holiday is the horror movies that everyone has to watch just because the holiday calls for it. As much as I hate horror movies, the fear factor goes down when I watch these movies with family and friends. Scaring each other has become the norm and the laughter that comes with it is what I really look forward to. I love it when the laughter turns into a hagalpakan festival with matching tears streaming down my face because a friend jumped off her seat while watching The Sixth Sense. (Pinaka hate ko na scene is the kitchen scene when the lady in the pink robe….well you know what happened! Scaaary!) Don’t even get me started on The Ring. Pero dapat talaga The Japanese version and yes I have yet to see this movie in full. I can only take it in small doses. Sadako get away from meeeee!!

Another great thing about the movies is FOOD! Nachos, popcorn and fries are our family’s favorites but movie nights at home are even more special because we give our own special twist to these concessionaire stand classics.

Dan makes his own nachos with just a plain cheese sauce which he makes by melting a bottle of Cheez Whiz in the microwave. I amped up this already yummy sauce with some mildly spicy chunky salsa. It’s a hit with my family because the dip has a creamy, sweet, salty zing that will make you forget Sadako!

Cheez Whiz Salsa Dip V02_ 47

Click here for the recipe

Hello Me, How Are You?

Discover Your Core weekend

I have just gotten home and I am filled with this urge to share you something that I have learned about this weekend. The thing is I really don't know how to share it but I will try because I want you all to realize that there is a way out of the haze, there is a way out of muddled decision making, there is a way to face your fears head on and to embrace them and that there is a way to be better with how we live our lives. I attended the Discover Your CORE program of The One Core this … [Continue reading]