Oooh Monday

As much as I hate cliches, Monday always brings with it a certain heaviness that I can’t seem to shake off. Even if the weekend was productive and restful, whenever Monday rolls in I feel bleeeech.

Do you feel that way too? I would love to hear from those who embrace a new week with enthusiasm as I really need help in brushing off the Monday blues.

For now, I console myself with powerful positive rah-rah-rah quotes. Fight!!!




Plot Twist!!! Happy(?!) Monday everyone :)

Win Mind Museum Tickets This Summer!

Hey moms and dads! Do you want to win 4 tickets to the Mind Museum this summer?? The mechanics are simple and are embedded in the Rafflecopter widget below. In case you missed it, I posted 3 great reasons to include The Mind Museum in your Summer itinerary at

Now here’s your chance to win 4 Tickets to the Museum:

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If you can’t wait and you want to buy tickets for your family, you’re in luck because tickets are on sale this season:

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Good luck guys!!

3 Reasons to Include the Mind Museum in Your Summer Plans

I’ve always been a fan of the Mind Museum and I’ve written about them a number of times here at the blog. So I was thrilled when I got to go to the Mind Museum’s Media and Family Day last March 22, 2014.  I was excited most of all for David who is at that age where every other sentence that he says begins with a “Why….?????”

Mind Museum Taguig Manilamommy

The event began at 1 pm and we were ushered into a hall where there were lots of booths that showcased the different upcoming exhibits and summer activities of the museum. There were also food by Uncle Cheffy’s, Sebastian, Kyle’s Lab and Sophie’s Mom. They were serving food all throughout the afternoon! The most  interesting though were this Tiramisu cups that were made to look like potted plants.

Mind Museum Taguig Manilamommy

Before we went on the tour, we were treated to some food and drinks and a preview of future exhibits that the museum will be holding.  The highlight of that event though was the informal Q&A with Museum Curator Maria Isabel Garcia and Managing Director Manuel Blas II and hosted by Mitzi Borromeo. It was wonderful hearing the stories of how the museum came together and the passionate individuals (and generous sponsors) who are making wonderful things happen for the museum.

Mind Museum Taguig Manilamommy


So without further ado, here are 3 reasons to go to the Mind Museum this summer:


I bought tickets at Deal Grocer when they sold Summer Passes for the museum. The deal is already sold out but the museum has extended the promo! Sulit ang all day pass because when we last went, I timed it and 3 hours really is the minimum to appreciate the exhibits. We even skipped a few exhibits and stopped for snacks when we all ran out of energy (especially David who was running around the museum!)

mind museum taguig

Reasons 2 and 3 are here

Getting Smart-er in 2014!

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I've had the same mobile number for 12 years I think. It's seen me through a number of phones and it's become the number of our side business too.  I've always thought about switching but I only want to do it because a plan fits our family budget. I've always been tempted to get a  new number and a new plan because of a new phone (hello iPhone 5!) but the practical side of me (meron pala ako nun) has always won. I really don't need to add a cost of almost 2k to our family's monthly expenses just … [Continue reading]

Singapore on the Cheap!

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The trip to Singapore was not planned. It was one of those last minute things that we decided on because we wanted to go on a quick vacation but we didn't want to spend a lot. Singapore is a great city because it has a lot of cheap hotels AND there are lots of cheap flights going to and from the country. The Airline: We could have saved a lot if we booked our tickets during a promo but this was biglaan so the next best thing is to choose a budget airline Our favorite is Jet Star. This is our … [Continue reading]