How to Order NSO Birth Certificates Online

The short answer? Go to or dial (02) 737-1111. The site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Read on to see what I’ve learned about NSO certificates.

I attended the Teleserv Bloggers Brunch a few weeks back which was organized by fab fellow mommy blogger and good friend Eli of I immediately said yes because one I am a client of Teleserve and have used their services to order my birth certificate online and second I love being a nerd and knowing about the how-tos in ordering important papers like birth certificates online. It’s not fun enduring the bureaucracy and red tape we Pinoys have to go through to get important documents and IDs. My most popular post in this blog is How to Get an SSS ID. Everyday I get hits about how to get this very important ID that apparently is still so hard to get! Also mga mommies, although the school year has just ended enrollment will soon begin and we need those important papers to get our kids enrolled!


So I’m thankful for companies like  Teleserv because they allow me to bypass all the inconveniences of going to the NSO, falling in line and waiting for hours. Teleserv calls what they provide as Citizen Services and their mission is to “meet the changing needs of every Filipino.”

Teleserv Payment System

The online portal which also has live chat services now also allows payments via credit cards in addition to the traditional over the counter bank payments. Payments can be made at any Metrobank branches, Bancnet ATM, or Bayad Center outlets nationwide. Documents are delivered withing 2-3 working days upon payment of your order/s. you may always call (02) 737-1112 to follow-up.

Cost of a Birth Certificate (Not sure about other NSO Certificates)

The cost of convenience? Php330. That’s a fair price to pay. The NSO and Teleserv have actually done the costing and Php330 is what one would have to shell out for gas, food and the fees if they do go and get the documents from NSO themselves.

Teleserv Websites to Go To for NSO Certificates:

Birth Certificates – or dial 02 7371111. The website processes birth, marriage, death, and certificate of no marriage. The latter is required for obtaining marriage licenses! It means that you have no (well recorded) proof of prior marriage!

OFW Exit

DFA Passport Appointment System – (or call hotline 7371000).

nso teleserv

Lourdes Hufana a director of the NSO was also present during the brunch. I loved that she was there, an actual authority  and she answered a lot of very interesting questions from the bloggers.

Here’s a couple of questions that I found very interesting. I learned a lot of new things that day but two things stuck with me.

When we order a birth certificate it usually comes with a receipt. Should we keep it?

Answer: YES. The transaction number that is in the birth certificate that you ordered has the same transaction number in your receipt. It is proof of authenticty. If you order four copies of your birth certificate you get the same transaction number for all the orders (if you notice your copies would be stamped with copy 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc). You get one receipt per order.

nso teleserv
As for the second question, it’ll be for another post and  it’ll be out in a couple of days! Promise it’s fun because it involves changing your name (Or correcting a misspelled name!) but it’s just too long for this post. Hope you learned something new today!


 A REMINDER: I am not affiliated with Teleserv or with NSO. If you have questions for any of these institutions please use the links below:


TELESERV: (632) 735-9613 | | //

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  1. says

    Teleserv is very efficient! Used their services to get our documents to file our marriage license and my baby’s birth certificate and passport application (which I blogged about!)
    It’s also good to note that the courier, 2GO, will try delivering it twice. After that, you’ll be required to pick it up in a 2GO branch near you.

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