Monday Inspiration

Starting the week right with a video that had me BAWLING. Good tears naman hehehe 😀

Luca’s 1000 Miles – Directed by Martin Kalina from Primo Buenos Aires on Vimeo.

I love that the dad, Pablo wanted to show how life is with his son Luca who has Down syndrome in such a well for lack of a better term, “normal” light. Of course what you don’t see are the hours of therapy sessions and the bittersweet moments of rearing a child with special needs. But these are not forgotten in the video. The dad provides an honest voice and his story of how he dealt with the diagnosis is too real. It took me back again to those days of so much crying but more importantly to the eventual lifting of the fog to reveal Noah, our awesome cutie of a baby :)

The  light is shone brightest on the son’s energy and the relationship between the dad and the son. This video for me shows how the path of a new normal just disappears and how a family just “lives”.  This is such a wonderful tribute to Luca and to families who have loved ones with Down syndrome.

Also  plus points for using Rolling Stone’s “Happy” :)

To Pablo and Luca thank you for sharing a glimpse of your awesome adventure.  You guys rock.



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  1. April P says

    This is such a nice video. It made me cry too. I can feel so much love coming from Pablo to Luca and vice versa. I also have a special child too and it’s very heartwarming to know other parents in same situation.

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